Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Did you Know?

Did You Know?
That I don't have a key to my own house?
I always use the garage door opener.
If we have a power failure,
I fear my butt will become trapped in the doggie door.

Did you Know?
That my Dear Sweet Redneck husband
who has no idea how to use the Internet
has finally talked me into getting Smart phones?
And that last night he downloaded an app
for Fart Sounds?

Did you Know?
That I miss Jack in the Box Cheesecake?
And that it misses me?

Did you Know?
 That Weight Watchers is going really well?
I'm loving it.
It's just almost too easy.
Eat what you want,
when you want,
in the right proportions.
No problem.

Today I was in the mood for pizza
and didn't want all the points from
a delivery pizza so I made my own.

Turkey pepperoni and mushroom
on flat bread.

Did you Know?
That there is a new app
for scanning bar codes
with Weight Watchers and it
automatically gives you the points?

I scanned the bar codes on these:
1 flat bread = 1 point
1/4 cup mozzarella = 2 points
1/4 cup pizza sauce = 1 point
Turkey Pepperoni = 1 point
Mushrooms = 0 points

Total = 5 points plus

Did you Know?
That if you're not on Weight Watchers
that you don't care about any of that?
I care though.
Down 12.5 lbs so far.
Loving that!

Did you know?
That my couch smells like this?
Did you Know?
That I am having a really hard time
coming up with blog material lately?

Did you Know?
That my sissy is coming all the way
from Florida to visit
and is staying with me for 3 whole nights?
I can't wait to have her all to myself for
three whole days!
What should we do?

Did you Know?
That I've missed you all?



Linda said...

Did you know that I don't have a key to my house either...I also use the garage door opener...I gave my key to my son...have fun with you sister!!

Dina said...

Have fun with your sister!

Anonymous said...

I miss your posts, you always have such interesting topics.You're doing great aren't you,, thats great news, good for you!That pizza sounds great I'll have to try that, farting sounds, never heard of that, very interesting,, thats a new one.
I would put up with a smelly couch to have that beautiful dog,

Laraine Eddington said...

That scanner thing to figure out points is so cool. I always felt that my lack of math skills would automatically disqualify me from weight watchers! You go girl. Also, the fart app was my first purchase

Anonymous said...

Do you know that I missed you? My daily (or semi-weekly) dose of Holly smiles were something I looked forward to. And here you are!!! Oh, joy. Oh, rapture. Oh, I miss you!

Congrats on the 12.5# loss.....I think that is SUPER DUPER and am proud of you (even tho I have no idea what that point thing-y is all about). Did you know I'm proud of you?

And your sister is coming????? How can you stand the waiting? And do you have another hat for her to wear? I know you will have a grand time together.

Fart apps? I've heard it all. And will have to tell my son-in-law who is NUTS about Apps.

Did you know you are special? I do.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Congrats on the success with WW and great to know it's so easy! Cute pic of the pup and have fun with your Sis:@)

Tammy said...

I miss you!! So glad you are doing great with WW. That's awesome!! Yay for spending time with your sis!!

Kris said...

Did you know, that I sat down for the first time tonight at almost 11:00 and opened up my blog, and saw that you posted, and went to yours first!!!! I am SO excited for you that WW is going so great. It is a great program. I know I need to get back to it!!! I love that you posted such a yummy pizza, and so few points!!! Woo-Hoo!!
Have fun with your sister!!!! Can't wait to hear what you did!
Brian, you crack me up!!!
Love ya,

Genn said...

Did you know that I was just giddy with excitement to see a new post from you?!
Brian and the smart phones, that's funny. How do you like them?
Yum lookin' pizza.
Did you finish Dawn on a distant shore yet? I've been reading so many things in between so I am only about 40% through it now. It is picking up though, Elizabeth just realized Moncreiff took her kids and sailed away. The bastard!

Have a good day Hol!

Melynda said...

Did YOU know that, you have been missed and really YOU must share those fart sounds with your siter, it is twisted but hey, free downloads are meant to be shared!

Tabitha said...

I've missed you!!! Congrats on the weight loss! That's awesome. :-)

deb said...

did u know that your blogs always make me laugh!!!!!!!

Amy said...

Congratulations on the weight loss!

Deborah in Atlanta said...

Did you know that I joined Weight Watchers about three weeks ago and I have no imagination and have no idea what to eat with them? I'm so thankful you posted this because I have missed pizza so dang much. And this entire pizza is only 5 points? How awesome...I just love it!!! Please post others that you create, or e-mail me personally. Because I need help. BIG TIME!

corners of my life said...

Down 12.5 lbs so far??
You rock girl.
By the way, I love the colors in your banner/header.

Mikalah said...

Aah- I love your blog SO much Holly. You are seriously one of the funniest bloggers I know. =) I've been missing from blog-world lately too, glad to catch up with you! Congrats on the poundage lost, doesn't it feel great to eat healthy portions? I'm learning that too. =)