Thursday, February 23, 2012

Things I'm Lovin

When I woke up this morning,
the first thought in my head was,
"Tomato Bisque!!!"

Which is really strange
because usually my first thought is
"I gotta pee!"
Then I think about tomato bisque.

I love this warm, comforting, creamy soup.
My hips do not.
Sometimes I don't care what my hips think
and I throw caution to the wind
and just spoon mouthful after mouthful
of this yummy goodness down my gullet.

So this morning I awoke with a desire to find
a much more hip pleasing recipe for my favorite soup.
I used this recipe from SkinnyTaste and tweaked it just a bit.
I used 5 large Virtuoso tomatoes
and 1 1/2 cups of canned crushed tomatoes.

The only fat in this recipe is the one Tablespoon of butter
that I used to saute the vegetables.
I used fat free chicken broth
and fat free sour cream.

Here's what it looks like before I mixed it up
and added the sour cream.

(note the pepper spilled all over the stove)

Now, enter stage left,
the star of the show.
Do you have one of these?
Let me tell you,
I've been thinking about getting one
for the past couple of months.
Would it be worth it?
Would I actually use it?

And then Genn went and bought one
and showed it off all pretty
and I knew that in my desire to be all things Genn,
I had to have one too.

I had $20 in Kohls cash and this was on sale for $29.99.
I swooped in and grabbed the aqua one.
She is so pretty.
If you don't have one,
let me just answer the question for you,
You Need One!
And you need it today!

After adding the sour cream
I used my new immersion blender to make this.
It's creamy and luscious and it kinda made me tear up a little.
And it's only 1.5 points plus per cup
on Weight Watchers.
Which means that I can eat 18 cups of this soup
a day and still stay within my points.
What?  Too Much?

I found that the best way to eat this
is with one of these.

Mini spinach flatbread pizzas
from Trader Joe's.
I love you Trader Joe's!

I also grabbed this while I was there.

A pot of herbs.
This one has oregano, thyme and rosemary.
So excited to get some basil and get these
planted in a pot on my patio.

Have you had enough yet?
One more thing.
New couches are finally being delivered tomorrow.
We've been looking for new couches for over a year.
I wanted pretty and reasonably priced,
Brian wanted comfy.
We compromised.
We got kinda pretty and really comfy.
We DID NOT get reasonably priced.

We finally bit the bullet
and went with La-Z-Boy.
Because you just really can't beat their
comfort and their warranty.
They had a President's Sale going on but
we still paid more that we wanted to.

My daughter, Katie, is coming over for lunch tomorrow.
This, I look forward to more than anything else.
Love you Puddums!



just call me jo said...

Well first of all, I'm so glad you finally posted. I miss you so much. I do! Pioneer Woman had one of those immersion blenders. They do look dandy. (Especially if I cooked. That would be really helpful.) The couches are perfect. I love Lazy Boy stuff. Good quality and comfy. You must feel quite luxurious. When is your sister coming? We must get together again when your social calendar clears out.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

That soup look so perrty!! And those couches look so nice a new. Can you tell I have couch envy?

Genn said...

oh you're soup looks SO good!
hooray for immersion blenders!
hooray for kohl's cash!
hooray for Trader joe's! (i've tried that flatbread, it's good!)
and hooray for being able to have 18 cups of tomato bisque and your hips still love you!! hooray!

i made the girls a smoothie in the beaker that came with the hand blender... oh my. fun times. ;)

Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

You are too funny. I love your posts. I can never think of anything clever to say or I would comment more, but I never miss your posts and enjoy every one. Big fan here.

Laraine Eddington said...

I have been immersed in my blender for several years (I have a Bamix). Now I am immersed in a crazed desire for tomato bisque with herbs on top. Oh, what an influence you have on me!

Dina said...

My first thought when I was awakened (not when "I" woke up) was there is a loud bear in my bed and I must kill it. I settled for poking it repeatedly and each time with a little more strength until it rolled over. Then I dragged my sad behind out of bed and tortured myself with an evil machine that promises lovely results. I like your morning better.

Kris said...

I get all giddy when I see you have posted! I love a good tomato bisque soup too. I remember when I was a wee thing, my Mama would make me cream of tomato soup with saltines when I was sick. Yours looks amazing! I am thinking I need to haul my ample arse back into Weight Watchers meetings! I am just not cutting it on my own with no weigh in to be accountable to!!!
About immersion blenders...I have had mine for a few years. LOVE it. This is one of those kitchen tools that just doesn't get enough spot light. Mine is plain ol white, and I am wishing I had a pretty aqua one like yours...or red...or yellow...but hey, I have one!!! You will love yours!
Have fun with your beautiful Katie...and I hope to get to come sit on your pretty new sofas one day, sipping some iced tea, and chatting my bossom buddy!!!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh I need to take notes to remember all I want to remark on,, soup yum!! Pizza thingies YUM, herb garden really cute, new couches, beautiful and daughter coming for lunch, the best!!!
Take care Holly,,you'll be so skinny next time we see you we won't know you!!!!

Tammy said...

Woo! Can't wait to try out those couches when I come to town next week. =P

Speedy Lady said...
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Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Your soup looks great! The immersion blender is a kitchen toy I don't have, you say I need one... hmmmm:@)

Anonymous said...

Tomato soup is my all time fav thing to eat. I want your recipe, even tho I don't own one of those gadgets!

We've had Lazy Boy furniture for ages and love it. It hold up so well and is easy to keep up. I like what YOU bought! Just in time for your 'sister-visit'!

Have a great weekend my friend. Wish I could stop by to visit you!

RoeH said...

Looks yummy! If it ever gets cold and frosty here, I'm making it.

Neat couch(es). I love to buy furniture. The two times in my life I've ever done it were fun.

Linda said...

Your soup looks yummy! I have had an immersion blender for years but not the pretty aqua one you have...too cool!


I haven't been to bed in 16 hours. So when I saw the pot of Tomato Bisque I knew I would dream about it. I do NEED one of those blenders, after seeing your. What colors do they come in. PLEASE tell me a variety. But the sad truth is I have no Kohl's cash so it's going to have to wait. Enjoy your visit with your daughter. take care.

Mikalah said...

Oh my gosh, that soup looks SOOO good.

corners of my life said...

Puddums is pretty cute.
Hope she enjoys the lazyboy and the soup!

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