Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rock Springs and a Bedroom

Yesterday Brian and I headed north of Phoenix
to Rock Springs Cafe and Saloon
in Black Canyon City.

Brian used to do security for a band years ago
and a couple of the band members
have been playing in the saloon there.

We love getting together with this crowd.
We dance and wear ourselves out.
If you're in the Phoenix area,
Rock Springs Cafe is a great place to visit.
They are known statewide for their amazing pies.
Like this strawberry rhubarb pie.
It's such a fun little place to visit.
I may or may not have washed these salt and vinegar crickets down
with a shot of Cuervo Gold.

I do not drink alcohol.
But after the crickets I really felt the need to sterilize my mouth.
Funny the things I will do on a bet.
They were crunchy and tasted like potato chips.
Except the legs get stuck between your teeth.
If potato chips had legs, it would be exactly the same.

I am just about finished with the guest room
just in time for my sister Kelly's arrival in a couple of weeks.
The headboard was a thrift store find.
I was happy with the nightstands that I purchased from
Target Clearance for $35 a piece.
I love the lamps (also from Target).
That picture on the nightstand is
of Kelly and I in our bikinis
at a motel pool.
I love how we are holding hands.

I'm getting a massage on Monday.
Much needed and very overdue.

Have a Happy Sunday!!



marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Looks like you guys had a fabulous time. I don't think I could do the cricket thing. lol The bedroom looks amazing. Hugs, Marty

Dina said...

One of my sons ate meal worms (live) on purpose once. All three of them are a little buggy anyway! Glad to hear you had fun.

Anonymous said...

a saloon that sells pie, now thats my kind of place for sure!!
You are a brave woman to eat crickets, you didn't by any chance have a strong desire to rub your legs together and hop on the way home did you?
Your guest room is so cozy, the pic of you too together is just the right touch.
Your hubby looks like he could be a great security guy,, big and strong but from what you've told us he's a softee too.
Enjoy your massage, I have never had one ,

just call me jo said...

There's no end to your madness--crickets and cuervo...The bedroom is adorable. Love the lamps.

Tabitha said...

I'm so glad potato chips don't have legs. The bedroom looks awesome. :-)

Laraine Eddington said...

I am so happy to know you have a beautiful guest room available for the next time I run away from home. I will bring the sour cream and onion crickets

Anonymous said...

The guest room is so pretty....maybe I'll come down and take advantage of it!!

Ok, crickets and Tequila? I gotta see that!

I'm now going to attempt to read the word verification. Wish me luck.
(I think it's 'and tableag') whatever THAT is!

Love the pic of you and your sister...I spotted it right away. Too adorable!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

That saloon looks like a fun place! I'll have the pie and save the crickets for you:@)

Ann said...

Rock Springs sounds like so much fun. And I love your calm and peaceful guest room. Hope you and your sister have a wonderful visit.

Anonymous said...

LOL.... my first time here and I read that you are eating crickettes.

Genn said...

hi holly!
your night out with your man sounds fun!
except for the crickets. i don't think i'd be brave enough to down a couple crickets. legs stuck in your teeth? lmao, you kill me.
i do do cuervo though. ;)
love your spare room.
those nightstands are so great. wish i saw those at target when i was looking for the girls rooms.
your sis is going to love her room.
have fun with her and enjoy your massage!
oh, and enjoy your new immersion blender!! i was gonna get aqua but the last minute i put it down and went with yellow. it's so fun!
see what happens when you don't blog often, my comments become short stories. ha.

Linda said...

Rock Springs sounds like a lot of fun! The bedroom looks wonderful...I love the colors! have a great day!!

deb said...

that headboard is amazing!!!

OK my sister Linda ate a deep friend grasshopper once in elementary school right in front of me...Im still damaged!!!!!

Kris said...

How did I miss this post? I am coming now for sure. Change the sheets, and get ready, cuz I am on my way!!

Speedy Lady said...
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Speedy Lady said...

Gosh I want to go to the Rock Springs Cafe. What fun!

Your guest room looks lovely and cozy. Have a wonderful visit with your sister.