Sunday, February 26, 2012


My back aches from being pulled off my high horse.
Being inaccurate should be so easy and comfortable for me,
considering I spend an awful lot of time there.

But every single time that I pack my bags and start my long,
smug journey to Righteoustown,
I veer off course,
fall off the map,
and end up where all my long-winded rantings
eventually drop me off.


So here I sit once more.
Trying to figure out how I got here.
I was so sure this time that I would end up at my planned destination.

The only thing that makes me feel better
is that this time,
Brian came with me.
I almost can't believe that we shared this ride.
Brian is never wrong.
I'm saying it again.
Brian is NEVER wrong.
And that's not sarcasm.

We were both so sure.

And we were both so wrong.

Same couches.

Lighting does make a big difference
and apparently,
we live in a cave.

We went back to La-Z-Boy yesterday
and looked at the showroom couches again.

And they were darker than we remembered.
And the numbers on the tags matched.
We just looked at each other and laughed.

My only comfort is knowing that the next time
I travel down that winding road,
it will be from the comfort of my new
uber cushy dark brown La-Z-Boy reclining loveseat.



Anonymous said...

darnit! I hate it when I'm wrong too!
Imagine the light does that much , wow!
If you live in a cave then I want one, its one beautiful cave!
We have been thinking of a reclining couch, is it comfy to lay on, like not on the reclining bit, to just lay on?
We were curious, just in case someone had to sleep on it, we live in a mouse hole you know.

Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

Lighting is everything. Movie makers and photographers, and maybe store owners, too, know this.

Does it explain those dressing room mirrors that make you look thinner?

Anonymous said...

They do look a tad darker, but you know, I like them better. And apparently so does your dog who has taken a place next to the love seat!

Hey, I think I saw you on the righteous road one day....I was at the corner watching you pass me! I was ready to make a left in the wrong lane. Nice to see you!

Don't sweat done good! And so did the man you live with.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

My house is a cave too. At least it doesn't show dirt as easily.

Speedy Lady said...

Durn! I was convinced you were right!

Debi said...

What a difference. That could happen here with color in my house. It's dark. It's so hard to admit wrong, isn't it?

Bev said...

Please tell me that you did not admit you were wrong in the store.

I hope you stiffened your back and said curtly, "Well! Obviously your dye lots are not consistent!" And then flinged (flung?) yourself out the door very dramatically. Think Loretta Young's entrance each week, but in reverse.

You're too young to remember the Loretta Young show.

The closest my husband will admit to being wrong is "perhaps I have been righter at times."

just call me jo said...

I like the above comment about being "righter at times." It was nice of you to handle your come-up-ings so pleasantly. I've had to eat crow so many times that I'm starting to bring my crow sauce with me... I like the set whatever color you see.

Ashley said...

Did I call the person who thought they were the same color an idiot? Oops. I still like the darker look in your house. They look super comfy!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

No "good" light here either! I have 1 hour a day to take decent pics and that's only next to the kitchen window! Sorry it's a little darker than you wanted but at least it's comfy:@)

Kris said...

Well, they are very pretty, and look very comfy, and who cares, as long as you love them!!!!!
You can't beat Lazy Boy either!
Happy lounging!
XO Kris


If you LOVE them and they make you HAPPY. That is all that matters. That being said. Sand looks sand and chocolate, looks chocolate. No way lighting alone, makes them swap places. But if you swear it's so. Then I guess I need new glasses. ENJOY.

RoeH said...

Not me. I'm hanging onto the 'one is lighter one is darker' theory. And it's a good thing cause I like the darker one better. The Laz-Boy people are wrong. Bwahahaha!

Arlene said...

Same thing happened to me! It was even LazyBoy. Only hubby talked me into a slightly darker shade at the store than I had originally picked out. After much talking, I agreed it was probabaly a good idea with the grandkids and all. We waited 2 months or so (forever) and then it arrived. Whoa! It was NOT what I picked out, I was sure! A trip back to the store assured us that, yes, it was (I took a the cover off one of the throw pillows and carried it along). I was so unhappy for a long time (especially with my hubby for talking me into a darker shade), then decided to repaint the living room a brighter color and now I love it all. Yea - I definitely suggest taking home the fabric swatch for a trial run with your home lighting.