Friday, February 24, 2012

Look Here, Then Look There, Then Look Here Again.

Look Here:
And Here:
And then Look Here:
And then Here:

Do you see anything strange with these pictures?

Let me help you .

I was sure they delivered the wrong furniture.
The set at the LazyBoy Showroom was a light tan.
My set is a darkish brown.

Now, I'm not stupid, I know lighting plays a big role in
how colors may appear different in different settings.

This is not the case.
My set is DARK!

As soon as the men carried it in I said,
"Whoa!  Wrong Set."

They checked the invoice.
We checked the order.
I called the showroom.
Everyone swears that my set
is the same color as the set in the showroom.

Everyone is a liar.

There is nothing removable on this furniture,
like a pillow or an armrest cover
that I can take with me and show the sales people.

My daughter was just here and she agrees that
this is a different color than the one we ordered.

And I made her look at the couch,
then look at the photo of the showroom couch,
then look at our couch,
then look again at the photo.

And back and forth.
Over and over again.
Until she refused to talk to me about couches anymore.

She did say that the ones we have will not show dirt
as easily as the others.
This is true.
And I'm not really hating them.
I'm kinda liking them.
And my husband is dirty.
So I'm thinking I might keep them.

But I still feel the need to show everyone that I'm not crazy.
And I'm thinking I might just carry one of the recliner ends
back into the showroom with me
and prove to them I'm right.

And then they will try to exchange it.
And I will tell them,
"That's ok, I've decided to keep it."

That's Right!
Who's crazy Now?



Ashley said...

The idiots who think those two couches are the same color is crazy! I kinda like the brown too. I think that maybe the lighter color would just blend in too much with everything. Plus yeah, it will hide the dirt from the hubs and dog.

Anonymous said...

wow, well it does look beautiful and goes so well with the color of the dog, I'd keep it.

Tammy said...

Totally diff colors, but I like it! I like the darker. Can't wait to see them in person. Like how I keep inviting myself over? =)

DaCraftyLady Debb said...

different colors in deed...the same thing happened to me when I got my futon for our cabin, I saw it in the store and it was light tan, when we got it up to the cabin it was a green???? What the box said tan and it looked tan in the store, but once in the cabin it became I can totally relate...the store told me the same as you, but I do agree the dark is better on dirt...

Laraine Eddington said...

Yes you are crazy, but not about the couches. The brown is lovely! P.S. I made tomato bisque yesterday and ate a gallon. It was a mighty good idea.

just call me jo said...

Not you, my friend. You are not the crazy one. Or as Larainy said--not this time any way. I agree with your daughter that the dark will stay clean looking longer. But you are right. The damn couches are NOT the same color as those in the show room. Do they think you are one of those blind snow birds? Sheesh! Keep the couch take the cannoli. (I don't know how to spell cannoli.)

Kris said...

Oh my gosh...HOW does this happen? Geez! Holly, I like the darker ones better!!! But that is just me. I would want to PROVE them wrong with a slipcover or something, but there is none, so you are in a pickle. Take digital photos. But, I do love the chocolate colored ones! Just think, when snuggling on the sofa with hubby and a jar of M & M's, and a few escape your hands, and fall down onto the seat cushions....and melt in your Arizona heat, you will hardly even be able to tell!!!
I do love them. SO comfy looking. I loved both sets, and you are for sure not crazy! Let me know what you decide.

Genn said...

Yes those are definitely darker!!
But, I agree with my mom and I think I like the darker look better too.
But no, I know you are not crazy! They are darker.
When we bought our leather couch to match a leather loveseat they delivered it and I said the same thing, nope not my couch, this one is purple! Sure enough they were wrong, but they tried to make me think i ordered that darn purple couch and I did not!

Either way, I like your new ones! :)

have you immersion blended anythign today? not me. but i think i need to. lol

Anonymous said...

wrong color delivered...that's too bad.


Sometimes FATE intervenes. I like the richer, earthy color of the darker set, myself. And frankly you're right about the lighter one showing more dirt. It's your decision. BOTH sets are beautiful, though. CRAZY never entered the picture. MIXUPS happen all the time. take care. ENJOY your NEW furniture.

Anne said...

Both colors look great, but I would HAVE to take a piece in to prove myself right, even if it killed me ~ :) ~ then, like you, I would probably tell them (after they apologized profusely)that I had decided to keep the darker set, just for those "dirt" reasons...but then I would let them give me a new set of lamps, or something, for my trouble ~ ;o)
LOVE your blog ~ I'm a new follower!
Anne ♥

Melynda said...

Well of course I believe that you SHOULD take a piece back, to prove your sanity, and then do the "turn around is fair play" act and proclaim that you will keep them. Only I would not be there to enjoy it!

Bev said...

You're not crazy.

Feel better?

Although I may not be your most reliable witness for sanity.

RoeH said...

Hmmmmm. No. The crazies are the furniture people. But I really like the dark color if that's any help. :)