Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Happenings

Summer is playing a trick on me.
It wants me to think it's gone
but it's not.
We're supposed to be back up in
the triple digits all next week.

That's okay.
I'm enjoying a glimpse of fall right now.

The air is cool in the mornings.
The stores are selling sweaters and boots.
I see yellow and orange decor.
I'm pretending that I don't know it's all a trick.

Today I made PW's pot roast.
That Ree!
She never lets me down.
My husband loved this.
He gets a double dose of mashed potatoes with his.
Because I like him today.

And have you met this guy?
Well, he's a big fat liar.
He sits there all cute and tells you
that he will be 4 servings.
That he will last you through Tuesday.
He will not.
I repeat, he will not last but two days.

I'm going to forgive him though because
of his high deliciosity factor.
All other ice creams are dead to me now.

Have a great weekend.



Ann said...

Oh, I LOVE peanut butter and chocoate together! Why did you have to show me this?

Anonymous said...

this is new to me,, oh so dangerous, thats a lovely pot roast,, my poor cows are still on my brain,, sorry.My guys are big meet eaters here and when i try to stay away from meat I find I crave it,, so what to do , what to do,, I shall stay away from farms and cattle trucks,, my husband thinks I'm nuts,,

Linda said...

Fall is here for a bit here too...but yes...back to triple digits by Wednesday...the weather Gods are being cruel...making us feel so good about the coolness then taking it away! Pot roast looks good...funny how cooler weather makes us want to cook! I don't even want to try that ice cream...otherwise I'll be hooked!

A Vintage Green said...


Hope the weather in your area cools down - has it EVER been as hot as it was this summer in your area?

Today has been rain, cloud, rain, sun, sprinkles, sun, cloud, sprinkles, sun...

I've been painting with chalk paint today - my first tin, first try. Sky blue.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....seems that your new favorite BFF ice cream has some AUTUMN colors on the label,too!

AND you used orange (carrots) in your pot roast photo.

It's a theme..........

Happy almost fall-ish.

just call me jo said...

"Other ice creams are dead to me now..." You are so fickle, Holly! Wait til those Christmas flavors come out. You'll drop him like a hot potato! That roast looks delicious. I'll bet I need some of that.

Laraine Eddington said...

You'll come crawling back for Moose Tracks, mark my words.

Kris said...

Oh, that pot roast looks sooo good! I know what you mean about loving the cooler weather, and then Wham....mother nature giveth, and she taketh away!! Hot again next week here too. Hope when you get here though it will be cooler.
Can't wait!

Debi@7Gates said...

Pot roast and mashed potatoes - that really IS a great dinner. That makes me think of a fall meal. Wish you here Holly. It's in the 60's, barely. As far as the ice-cream, if you would just TRY Ben & Jerry's "Chunky Monkey" - you might step out of the box and break your Reese's habit.

Anonymous said...

The icecream doesn't appeal, but the pot roast does ..... if only you could visit to taste Malcolm's pot roast ..... Ree's is but a pale imitation!!

BrownFamily said...

yum! that roast looks fantastic!

deb said...

oh yum that pot roast looks amazing.....did u see Ree make that cajun chicken pasta dish....I wanna make that too....and Rees mashed potatos..oh die for!!!!

Melynda said...

That Reeses guy is going to be my new best friend, lies and all!

Beth @ Dirty Laundry said...

My pot roasts always turn out too dry, I will have to try P Dub's. We are very fall-y here in PA. I love love love this time of year, but hate it when we lose the leaves and it's just cold and gloomy til April. But now is GOOD!

Dina said...

OMG! Do not let my dearest see that container!!!!