Monday, September 19, 2011

Care To Join Us?

Here's a question for ya.
How bad does a girl
that lives in the desert
need a pair of flowered rain boots?
She needs them pretty darned bad
at this price.

I figure I can wear them once a year
when we go peach picking.

Also, we went out last weekend to look
at some of these.

We sold our RV a while back
and we are in need of large tent.
I've been in the mood to go glamping.

I've been camping,
it's ok.
I actually have a lot of fun but
I'm ready for something a little different.
A little cozier.
You've heard of glamping, right?

Glamorous Camping.
I could do this.
For days on end.

This weekend BlogSugar.
Next weekend.
Anyone care to join us?



Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Lovin' your new boots! This Philly girl could put them to good use! I'll leave the glamping to you, look forward to hearing all about it:@)

Sarah B said...

I loved your comment on Meg's page...I will burp along side you if
And I could easily camp in that tent...never heard of glamping but it sounds great to me. :)

Bethany said...

we have the same shoe size, it appears, so I'll just send you my address and you send me the boots :)

Dina said...

need shneed. It's all about the want and I would fight you for them, well, if they were in my size and we were in the same store, and in the same state and oh, shoot, I'll just give them to you! You're welcome :)

Anonymous said...

wow, now thats some stylin camping,, look like you should have a camel hitched up somewhere, all those beautiful rugs and veils,, maybe you could do a belly dance , just to add, an extra touch,, I'm likin this glamping,, I don't like camping because I think bears can get in the tent too easy,, I think it sounds wonderful and I love your boots, they may also help to keep from snake bites in the desert!

Linda said...

Love the boots...and I could do glamping myself! I try adding a girl's touch to our camping...but it doesn't look anywhere as good as that!! See you this weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I could SOOOOOOO Glamp! And there YOU ARE sitting inside that wonderful tent!!!!!!!!! I'm SOOOOOOO jealous (of that AND the boots).

We plan on getting a camper/rv when hubby retires. He has NO idea how I'm gonna GLAM it up inside! Well, maybe he does since we've been married for eons.

Perhaps Sheryl can help us out with the Glamping thing. I think she has a handle on how it works!

Again, I am SOOOOOOOOO envious that you at least got to sit inside one of those tents. Where was it? Did you buy it? Does it come with all that great stuff?

Laraine Eddington said...

Those boots made my feet break out in sympathy sweat, but they are adorable. Glamping sounds fun if someone does the packing and unpacking for me. Perhaps someone like a glusband.

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous of your new boots! I've been trying to find a gorgeous pair of great priced rain boots forever. Your too lucky!!!

Glamping??? That is a new one on me. We do camping although I must confess we do cabin camping. It's camping for the lazy LOL :)

Can't wait to hear more about this glamping!!!! Hope you have a fabulous week :)

just call me jo said...

The price of the boots was right--I gotta admit. I'm like Larainy though in that I get a little sweaty footed just looking at them here in the heat eternal. If I had a bunch of servants to set up the tent and glamp it up for me and fix the food and chase off bugs and bears, I MIGHT glamp. But I'm really not much of a glamp/camp/vamp er. You have fun at BlogSugar. We must do a birthday bash in there somewhere. I have not forgotten. I will never forget. We must party. Maybe Larainy can come too. Let me know.

Genn said...

I'll go glamping with you! Now that sounds like fun! Will you be having martinis? And will anyone be there to wave fans at us while we eat grapes? Cause if not, I'm not going. :)

Can't wait for Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

I love the boots! I miss camping. I have not gone at all this summer. I glam up the tent a little but nothing as glamourous as the picture.

Tammy said...

I bought Frankie some rain boots! I was so excited when I saw them on clearance! lol Can't wait to see you this weekend! I'll go glamping with you!

Kris said...

Heck yes you need those boots!!!! Did I NEED my cowgirl boots??? YES!!!! We wear the same size too!
You are talking my language girl, about the glamping! I have been on the big hunt for a little vintage trailer to go Glamping in!!! I love it!!!

Whosyergurl said...

I think I'm glamping if I put a table cloth on the picnic table and have candles and a rug at the entrance to the tent. :-)

Real camping is more fun. I'm going camping in October! xo, Cheryl

lifeinredshoes said...

Of course you needed those boots! And glamping, still looks like to much effort to me:(

corners of my life said...

Glamping sounds fun as long as someone else set up that lovley tent and hauls the bed out there. Good luck {where's the personal privy?}

ain't for city gals said...

you know I am ready to go!...I have a pair of boots just like yours but mine are orange..I've never worn them either!!

Pat MacKenzie said...

The boots are gorgeous and at that price who cares if you just wear them once a year. I never go camping but glamping might just be a viable alternative. Or then again, maybe not. For me anyway.

Debi@7Gates said...

You could wear your boots when you go glamping. The tents look pretty darn comfortable. If the port-a-potty or bath house looked as incredible, it would be a hands down experience.

Tanyabell said...

I love the "date" in the corner and that tent! hahahah