Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Have Anti-Disposophobia

It's a real thing.
Look it up.
Go ahead.
I'll just wait here.

Actually, the anti part is probably not correct.

Also Known as Compulsive hoarding is the excessive acquisition
of possessions (and failure to use or discard them),
even if the items are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary.


I have the opposite of that.

I'm fascinated by the show "Hoarding: Buried Alive!"
Have you seen it?
I can't stop watching it even though I find it so upsetting.

I have every episode set to record on my DVR.
And my husband keeps deleting the shows.
I can't say I blame him.
I can't stand to be with myself after watching an episode.
Especially the ones about animal hoarding.

For some reason this show triggers a response in me
that my husband doesn't understand.

Immediately after watching an episode,
I go into super cleaning mode.
Everything needs to wiped down
or thrown away.
The refrigerator gets scrubbed inside and out.

My husband has taken to hiding the keys
to his workshop for fear I will dust
his wrenches.

He's afraid that I have these guys on
speed dial.

I can't help it.
Does this show freak anyone else out?



Tammy said...

You would die at my house. HaHa!! Ok, it's not that bad. But bad enough! =) Not as pretty as your's at all!

Anonymous said...

I don't watch it,, my husband hates it and said its sick, I want to like peeking at something I shouldn't,, it really intrigues me,, these poor people my heart goes out to them.Its the dirt that sets my mind to reeling,, I would have to burn the house down,, i could live like that.We only have one tv,, well our apartment is 600 square feet, silly to have two.He refuses to watch it because I would go a little squirrelly,, probably much like you..

Bethany said...

YES!!! I can't watch that show because I would have nothing left but my bed and some clothes - I feel an intense need to purge after watching that show.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

I'll e-mail you my address for the next time you're overcome with the feeling that you need to clean... Really, day or night, come on down:@)

I don't understand how people live like that and I really don't understand how they let TV crews come in to show the world!!!

Kris said...

On second thought, maybe you can't come over!!!

A Vintage Green said...

When I watch I have to keep getting up and leaving to room to throw something out and then wipe the sink and counter, take another peek, repeat. Turn off the TV, clean the screen and dust all around the TV.
- Joy

Laraine Eddington said...

I have the same problem with watching this show. It makes me feel superior and then shameful for watching the human misery.

Anonymous said...

I admit that I can't pronounce that word. And that I have never seen the show (we don't have cable/dish). BUT, PLEASE tell me that those pictures are NOT of your home!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe you need an intervention? I can help.

Ann said...

I don't watch those hoarding shows -- to me it's disturbing to see people living in such chaotic debris and filth. I keep a pretty clean and neat house but I am not a fanatic about it and am less concerned with "perfection" as I grow older. But I could not stand to let things (junk) pile up and up and up and out and not deal with it. I don't understand it and guess I don't want to either.

Dina said...

On some level, I think my Mother was a hoarder. Goodness it was a pain cleaning out stuff for my Dad after she died. She came by it naturally...her Great-Aunts saved velveeta boxes. Empty. but they had boxes and boxes and boxes filled with the empty boxes.

just call me jo said...

I just emailed my daughter a e-card that said, "You're just one load of shit away from an episode of hoarders." It was dedicated to her husband. He's so endearing to me. I'm like you. I start "sanitizing" everything as Rick says. I should feel sorry for those people. Instead I just want to slap them. That's just me, however. I'm not really nice.

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Holly,
When I watch those shows I am in awe that people can live in that dirty mess. It grosses me out especially seeing their bed with animal waste all around them.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Maybe I should send my dog over to your house and you can help me break her of her chewing habits!!! LOL She is almost 2 years old and she still chews everything!! We were gone this past weekend and when we got back she destroyed another golf cart seat!!! I was hoping when she turned 1 she would stop but it didn't happen. Lucky you that yours stopped! I haven't tried the muzzle yet just the shock collar and that didn't work!

lifeinredshoes said...

I'm so glad to know I am not the only one with this morbid past time! I found a poster on pinterest that say's, YOU ARE ONE SHITLOAD AWAY FROM AN EPISODE OF HOARDERS!
I loved it, you would too :)

lifeinredshoes said...

OK Holly, Jo got it right :)

Amy said...

After watching Hoarders I feel gross. All over gross! Like I just walked through someone's filth and need to sanitize myself and everything around me. But ti is like watching a car wreck, you just can't help yourself.

I am like Jo, I just want to slap these people. Especially the ones who choose their stuff over their children.

"Sorry honey, you don't have a bedroom anymore because I loaded it my 18 boxes of rotten ketchup packets, magazines from the 1950's forward, a rotten pumpkin, and lots and lots of cats. It is still sanitary though."

Anonymous said...

We watched a similar show recently - it was very sad, watching this poor woman trying to part with her 'treasures' .... junk to anyone else. She even went and bought back stuff that she had given to charity shops. At least my hoarding tendencies are sanitary - fabric and yarn!!

Bev said...

These hoarding shows freak me out now.

I used to sit and watch shows similar to this in facination - I couldn't look away. And then I would go on a cleaning and throwing out binge. That was back when they featured people who looked like their main problem was a lack of organizational skills.

Now these shows feature people with deep psychological issues. And I find myself talking to the tv when they choose junk and animal skeletons over their family. I always feel frustrated and like I need a shower afterwards.

I can't sit and watch them anymore, although sometimes I will sneak a peek.

I did talk to a lady who was an organizer (in the background) on one of these shows and I asked her why anyone would choose to allow cameras into those situations. She said that usually a crisis motivated them (like losing their children) and that services to help them clean are priced way beyond their ability to pay. But, she said that as the crew was leaving the home where she helped, the owner had trucks lined up to bring the junk back.

I would have slapped someone.

And I know what motivated you to pick the hoarding topic today, no matter how much you try to deny it.

Lucy aka Roeann said...

I am so not a hoarder so those tv shows drive me a little batty and I can't watch them. I think my skin twitches just looking at some of them. On the flip side, I throw out and give away way too fast and more than once have I been sorry that I got rid of something.

I'm very weird. :(

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh yes! The bugs and the mice - YUCK! I am a thrower awayer!


Anonymous said...

It doesn't trigger a cleaning frenzy in me although I wish it would, LOL! That show makes me sad. It's hard to believe that people honestly live like that. Heartbreaking in my opinion.

ain't for city gals said...

I'm starting to think the only way to get rid of everything is just get rid of everything!..does that make sense. I kind of consider myself a minimilist but I'm thinking my life begs to differ. I have watched that show a couple of times when I am at my niece's house...I can't hardly believe people live that way..

Whosyergurl said...

That show makes me physically ill. I have your response (cleaning like a NUT) even after I go to someone's messy house. I know. ICK.
xo, Cheryl

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Oh . blah..it make me ill to think of people actually living {or not} like that..gross.

So, guess I have it too..the non-stuff you mentioned..not the creepy-blah-other-stuff-you-mentioned. It makes me whan to take a shower...

Genn said...

I love to watch those shows too! Isn't it crazy that people can live like that??!!

ps- you have quite the comments these days. are you going famous pro blogger on us?? can i get your autograph when you come visit? ;)

Linda said...

Oh...I am SO addicted...I want to clean and scrub as well everytime I watch it! My son said he started watching it and starting getting rid of all kinds of things too!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I can't watch it. It turns my stomach.

Debi@7Gates said...

The show is crazy. It makes me speak bad language and then, like you, I get into a frenzy cleaning mode. Hubby likes it when I watch it because things get super cleaned up.

corners of my life said...

Jim likes to watch this show - I do not. However . . . if you watch even the first 5 seconds you can't turn away. Just sayin.

deb said...

Im obssesed by it too, did you see the one about the guy who had thousands of RATS...he lives up here in the desert.....ewwwww

Gael Simone von Lackum said...

You need to 'up your education' - The ANTI- part IS right, just not YOUR problem. ANTI-Disposophobia otherwise known as Obsessive-Compulsive-Spartanism is an OCD in which suffers cannot stand to own stuff, throw things out constantly, etc. It's very serious and potentially very life-distubing creating extreme disfunctionalism.