Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting Old Ain't So Bad

My birthday is on Sunday.
Feel free to send me presents.
I like presents.
Or maybe you can each do a You Tube
video of yourselves singing
Happy Birthday to me.

That would be awesome!!

I will be 46.

I'm too immature to be that old!
It's just not possible.

1 Year Old
Please note the Dumbo Cake
and the look of extreme jealousy on my sister's face.

3 Years Old
I think someone must have gotten
me up from my nap too early.

4 Years Old
Deliriously happy with my doll and the green shag rug.
I think that jumper is back in style.

5 Years Old
Have mastered the art of wearing a party dress with hair in
a chignon while partying in our garage.

6 Years Old
Rocking that side pony tail,
the knee socks and the huge lacy collar.

46 Years Old
It just keeps getting better and better.

I'll be heading to California on Saturday morning
and I'm not going to be checking in
so I'll catch up with everyone next week.

Have a great weekend!



Bethany said...

You are so adorable! Happy birthday, and have fun with Kris and the girls!

Anonymous said...

I assume you'll be reading this on Monday when you get home.

SOOO, hope you par-tay-ed hearty in CA on your 46th. Somehow I know you did.

And let me say that your childhood photos were C-U-T-E with a CAPITOL CUTE.

Happy Birthday girl. Glad to know you.

Anonymous said...

what a sweetie,, have a great time and Happy Birthday!

Lucy aka Roeann said...

I wish I was turning 46 again. Have fun in Cali. I never made it there with my trip. So now I've got a plane ticket waiting for somewhere to go. You're also brave. I never tell a soul when my birthday is. And never will.

Anonymous said...

woo hoo! I'm going to celebrate by eating whatever I want this entire weekend for your b-day lol I feel better too, yay! Can't wait!

Laraine Eddington said...

Your tribute to yourself is priceless. You do get cuter and cuter. Have a wonderful birthday Holly girl.

just call me jo said...

You are soooooo young, dear girl. I love the birthday hat. You have been precious at every stage. You still haven't told me when we party. I do have a present. Happy Birthday, dear friend. I will not be You Tubing a song. Sorry. You must decide or I will be forced to call 911.

Kris said...

Well you are such a darling thing!!! 46 is young! You are a baby!!!!
Can't wait to see you, and celebrate your day with you!!

Chatty Crone said...

46 is a great age! Happy Birthday!


Debi@7Gates said...

Party-hardy wherever you go. Make us proud!

ain't for city gals said...

Believe me when I say this girlfriend...You are NOT old !! have a fun weekend...tell Kris Hi!!...wish I had some chicken dishes to send along!

A Vintage Green said...

Happy Birthday Holly. Loved the 'young Holly' birthday photos.
- Joy

corners of my life said...

Such a sunny smile in every photo {well, except that three year old sleepy pout}. Enjoy your weekend away - Happy Birthday.

Bev said...

Happy birthday, you darling girl! I hope you have the best day ever in CA.

You said not to send you any of my hoard when I get through cleaning out, but come on - it's your birthday!

Amy said...

I will not be you-tubing a video of myself singing, so I will simply wish you a Happy Birthday!

I agree that the jumper is probably back in style.


Happy Birthday. Have fun on your trip.

lifeinredshoes said...

Happy Birthday Holly Dear!

Whosyergurl said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are just a spring chicken! Love all of the old pics.
Have fun with Kris...I'll be thinkin' of ya! xo, Cheryl

Dina said...

Happy Birthday! Have fun and see ya next week!

Anonymous said...

You share your birthday with my son, who is 13 years younger than you ...... then next Sunday is my birthday, and I will be 13 years older than you. Do you think there is a deep and meaningful connection between us - or just one of those little coincidences in life!!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Happy Happy HAPPY Birthday!!!

Mikalah said...

Yeah, you definitely don't look 46! Keep staying young! =D I still feel like I'm in High School even though I'm 26. Haha!

Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

Happy Birthday, Holly. I know you've had a fabulous California visit. The state may never be the same.

I'm 69 and am surprised every day when I look in the mirror and don't see a 16-year old smiling back at me. Something starts happening around 50, and you start mentally moving backwards.

Mentally. Not physically.

Genn said...

Woo woooOooooooO!! Happy birthday to you Holly! And guess what?!

You get to hear all of us sing in real life to you!!!! omg. I can't wait!

Ann said...

Happy, happy birthday! Enjoy our trip.

Pat MacKenzie said...

Happy birthdy old girl! You didn't give us your address to send gifts to - now what will I do with this jumbo package of Depends???

Anonymous said...

This is such a cute post! You were an adorable child. Hope you had a great birthday & enjoyed your time away!

Tammy said...

I LOVE your new look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda said...

Hope you had a great birthday...I was glad I could spend the day with you!!!I'm still feeling the effects of all that sugar!!