Tuesday, September 27, 2011

California, I Miss you Bucketloads.

It quite possibly could be
the best mini vacation I've ever taken.

I drove to Corona California
to meet up with Tammy, Kris, Genn, Erika, Deb and Linda.

Tammy and i found this waiting for us in the hotel
when we got there.

A basket full of goodies and left for us
by Kris, Erika and Genn.
Almond Champagne.
Chocolate covered almonds.
Homemade dishcloths.
A wonderful blogging book.

It was a wonderful welcome.

Tammy and I stayed at the hotel together.
We are polar opposites.
Here is our room the morning after we woke up.
I make my bed.
Tammy....not so much.
But I love her to pieces.

Our first night there we were
invited to dinner with the entire Grover Family.
We were so glad to see that everyone was there
including kids and husbands.

Only Drew (Kris' son) was missing.
(Catch ya next time Drew!)

The weather was perfect and we sat outside.

Holly and Kris
Erika, Genn and Tammy.

I decided that meeting fellow bloggers is like
meeting people from a reality TV show where you watch
every single episode.

I knew so much about each of these women
before I even got my arms around them.
For me,
it was love at first sight.
It was like finding family.
It was like realizing you have sisters
that you never knew you had.

And I fell in love with them over the most amazing
 cheese ball in history.

I cried a little when Kris took it away.

But then they brought
out more food.
Love Potion #9 Pizza
Gorgonzola with Cranberries.
Nuff Said.

The kids were just too darn cute.

Nothing says Welcome like a kid with a chicken.

There was so much chatter and food
that Genn popped her zipper
and her loving husband was more than happy
to give her a hand.

After eating we went inside to...
what else?
Eat some more.
Kris made a wonderful chocolate cake
and they had birthday presents for me.
I may or may not have tried to
eat my smelly good candle.

I love these women.
Each and every one.

And not just because they know how to
make an awesome Cheeseball.



ain't for city gals said...

Hopefully, they can all get away to come to Arizona one day soon!!..Let me know..

Bethany said...

"nothing says welcome like a kid with a chicken." that was my favorite part! The cheeseball probalby would have been my favorite if I could pull food out through my monitor....

Kris said...

I am laughing so hard I can barely type!!! You really do have a unique way with words!! It was fun. And like you said, it felt like we had known one another for a very long time! But then, I knew it would be like that! Sometimes, you can just tell.
I anticipated your visit for months! And everything about it, about you, and Tammy, was everything and more than I had hoped it would be! I am sad that you live so far away!!!!
COME BACK!!! I will make cheese ball!!!!

A Vintage Green said...

Too much good times. Happy you. Great post too. Happy (belated) birthday.
- Joy

Genn said...

Awwww, loved this whole post!
And you know you made me laugh! (no pressure for future posts I hope, but Aunt Holly you are so funny!)
We all enjoyed your visit SO very much. You and Tammy both were even better than I had imagined you to be. Miss you already!
I hope it is not too long before our next rendevioux! (how in the heck do ya spell that? randevu? vioux? im not knowing...)

Laraine Eddington said...

You seem to attract fun and friendly people. I'm glad you had fun.

Genn said...

ps- love the new blog background!

and pss- now i want some love potion #9!

Anonymous said...

I think you sound so happy,, this was a great thing for you!thanks for sharing these great photos,, love that chicken,,

Ann said...

Oh, so much fun! What a blessing! And I love your new blog design ... cheery and bright and eye catching.

Bev said...

Well, I'd make you a cheese ball.

Or buy you one, since I don't know the way to my kitchen.

So glad that you had fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Welcome back. And get back to blogging. Right now.

sally said...

That little boy with the chicken looked a bit like Daniel...just sayin'

I know you had wonderful time and what a great way to spend your Bday!! Awesome!!

just call me jo said...

That looks like a marvelous experience. You make your bed in a motel? Oh, Holly...that's just silliness. Even I don't. Am I a slob? Love the chicken. What fun!

Denise said...

i'm cracking up!

great pix.

looks like you did have a fabulous time.

i didn't make my bed at the hotel. which is odd because i suffer from o.c.d. i wonder if my roomie made the bed and noticed i didn't??