Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Randomosity #1
My Stepmother, Sally, is so cute!  She reads my blog and tries to get my Dad to read it too.  She saw this picture on one of my posts.
I had been blathering on about my new Wrapmaster but it was the little red spice rack in the background that caught her attention.   Last night, Sally sent me an email saying that she had bought the same spice rack years ago.  It was a Griffith's spice rack.  She had bought it because at the time her last name was Griffith.  I checked into it and  YES, it was a Griffith's!  I immediately started searching Google images for labels and look what I found!

Labels!!!!  They were perfect!  We were meant to be.  What the heck was Mace?  Fenugreek?
Here's my spice rack before:

I printed out the labels on some card stock.  Then I started cutting them out.  I DID NOT major in scissors in Kindergarten. ( did you know that Kindergarten is spelled with a T not a D?  Thanks spell check)   It took me forever.  Cutting straight is sooooo hard.

Then I got to work with my Mod Podge.

After adhering the labels to the jars and letting them dry, I applied a thin coat over the jars so they would be easy to clean.
Here's what they should have looked like all along.
Thanks Sally!   I love you!

(Kelly, Sally, Dad, and Me)

Randomosity #2

Remember yesterday when I said I had a personal question?  Here it is.  What should I do with my hair?  I could really use some comments here gals.  This is what my hair looks like right after I blow dry it.

And this:
You're jealous right?
I don't have thin hair but it's not thick either but I do have a lot of it.  This is what it looks like when I finish styling it.

I know, not much better.  It looks like I'm always walking around with this on my head.

I need a new style, something easy.  Something that looks really nice on a bowling ball shaped head.  Please help me out here. 
Thanks for your support!


Natalie@Endless Crafting said...

Love the vintage spice jars. I just purchase some spice jars and made some labels it is a pain to cut all those out! :) They look great! Good luck with your hair,it's beautiful. I always wished I had strawberry red hair!

Ann said...

Oh my! You have my hair! Poor girl. Mine, too, is fine and straight (with one weird wave now that I'm older)and I have lots of it. I've worn it short for years lately but now am trying to grow it out and I have the same "bowl on the head" problem. I find a body perm helps and a bit of layering to give it life. I cut my own hair (and have for years) so it's a bit here and a bit there when I'm in the mood. Hope you find a style you like -- and I want to see a picture.

Good luck, Ann

Kelly said...

I actually like the photos where you just blew it out and it was straighter. What if you cut more layers , more like Lisa Rinna's or into more of a bob with more layers into your face. Jessica Alba had a cute bob for awhile. Funkier and younger! Just like you!

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

Cute labels! I am no help with hair. I pretty much wear mine layered and long enough to pull into a ponytail or a bun quickly!

Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

I think you look cute.