Monday, October 25, 2010

Clutter Free and JackPot Monday

I think it’s important to open up to one another and show ourselves for what we are. Nothing feels better than to have a friend who can come into your home and feel comfortable enough to open up your cupboards and looks through your closet. It’s nice to have the kind of friendship where you can allow someone to see you in the morning, wearing your snowman pajama pants and your husband’s t-shirt.

I spent part of the weekend cleaning out the clutter from my kitchen cabinets so I'm ready to share now.
Let’s be friends. Go ahead, take a look around. Pretend I’m not home, look through my stuff.

That’s where I keep my baking supplies. See that turquoise lazy susan? I found that at a garage sale this weekend. It was a dirty, sticky mess with the original wood grain. My husband thought I was nuts to pay 25 cents for it. I cleaned it up and spray painted it. I love her now.

That’s where all my glasses and coffee cups are. Nothing matches. I never buy anything in sets. I have a thing for coffee cups.

That’s where I keep my plates, bowls and such. Again, nothing matches.

I cleaned out the pantry this weekend too. I had to. A bag of potatoes had gone bad way in the back. Does anything smell worse than that?  I hate this pantry!  It's deep but narrow so everything gets pushed to the back and you can't find anything, which is why I have 9 bags of pasta.

I went to Marshall's today to look for a formal dress for my daughter to wear to the Marine Corp ball but they didn't have anything so I wandered over to the home section and I hit the jackpot.

Cast iron dutch oven by Chantal.  Very heavy and I love the color. $39.99

Set of three ceramic mixing bowls $9.99.  Says they are oven safe, why would i put a mixing bowl in the oven?

Casserole dishes.  $5.99 and $6.99
I needed these for $2.99 because the dishwasher eats mine.

I think that's all I have for today.  Tomorrow I'm going to ask you some advice on something personal but now that you've seen inside my pantry we're friends, right?


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Corners of My Life said...

I love your lemon glasses. I use mine all summer and . . . the best news is they came from the Dollar Store!