Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Made Not One but Two Things, and I'm Calling it a Day

I haven't started my muscle relaxers yet.
I'm sure this will disappoint the bloggers 
who left comments yesterday reminding me to post naked photos.

You are all kind of sick.
And I love you too.

Before I pop my first pill 
I wanted to share a couple of things I've been doing.

This drawer has been driving me nuts.

I hate the plastic silverware holders.
I wanted something a little different
so I went looking for something I could use for dividers.

The wood I found at Home Depot was more than I wanted to spend.
I ended up buying 8 yard sticks for 58 cents a piece at Ace.
I cut them to size and glued two together for each divider.

I then covered them with the same paper I used for my drawer liners.
I wedged them in the drawers.
I didn't want to glue them in
because I wanted to be able to remove them for cleaning.

And there you have it.

I thought that was especially crafty of me.

I also used the yard sticks to keep my spices 
from sliding around in the drawers.
These are the spice jars I made from baby food jars.

I know many of you are probably tired of hearing about my garden
but I was so excited to see these this morning.

Real live Tamaters!!
I'm growing food.
Edible food.
That's very exciting.

It's like being pregnant and growing a baby
but even better because you can't eat your baby.
Unless you're a hamster.
Don't be a hamster.

No, really, I haven't taken a pill yet.

Having green chili cheeseburgers tonight for dinner
so I grilled these puppies.

So that's it.
Going to take a pill now.

I'll post again soon but if you see a video on my next post (Ashley)
please don't open it.
Friends don't let Friends post naked.




Anonymous said...

BRILLANT idea to use the ROCK! Can I borrow that idea or is it patented? OR, will you come over and do it for me?

yuk yuk yuk

'maters in your garden. Life is good. And that makes me pretty jealous 'cuz there won't be any 'maters in my greenhouse until August! BUT, you probably won't have any by then, so I'll share with you.

Still taking those little pills? So sorry darlin.....hoped you'd be feelin' better by now.

Have I used enough of these....''''

RoeH said...

Come over and make me one. I'll kick in for the gas.

Bethany said...

That's a great idea!
Also--you have very shiny countertops.

Melynda and Terry, we are the Browns! said...

love the drawers, but I do have one question. where is "the fork", you know the one.....

Willow said...

Are you sure ? No muscle relaxers in your system ?? ...
"don't be a hamster " ROFL

just call me jo said...

I know you're tippin' something. If not muscle relaxers there could be rum in them there Diet Cokes. I'm just green with jealousy over your garden. (get it? Green like plants that I can't grow.) I'm going out and kicking a cactus or something.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Lovin' your new drawer dividers and totally drooling over the peppers-enjoy dinner:@)

Lisa Tucker said...

I am so sad we can no longer be secretly have a junk room? Because my whole house needs organizing...and you are down to organizing your silverware drawer....:)

Robyn said...

Awesome idea with the rulers.. I may have to snag that idea.. I HATE that plastic divider I have in my draw.. Thanks for the tip! :)