Friday, February 8, 2013

I Done Did It This Time

Where to Begin?
Weird week!!

I continued to work on getting the garden ready for planting.
This entailed much tilling, shoveling, mixing manure and compost,
more tilling, more shoveling, laying brick borders, and raking.

I kinda feel like this about my garden right now.

However, in the process of doing all that,
I screwed up my elbow.
Like, seriously, messed it up.
I've been unable to open and close my right hand.
I've had throbbing elbow pain
which radiates up into my neck and down to my thumb.

I'm now in a sling and wearing a brace on my elbow.
I'm told I have to keep my arm immobile for several days.

Which means I can't cook.
I can't drive.
I can't wash my hair properly.
And I complain incessantly.
In other words,
I'm a joy to be with right now.

I took my sling off to type this post, shhhhhh,
because neither snow, nor rain, nor heat,
nor gloom of night shall keep me from my duty
of sharing my life with you.
It's THAT important!

You're welcome.

My daughter, Katie, is a strange bird.
She's prone to become dramatic over small things
like the common cold and 
running out of Mango juice.

major occurrences are drama free.

Here's the text I received from her on Wednesday.

Yes, her house caught on fire.
And she sent me a text to tell me.

What in the world is wrong with our young people?
You don't text your mother to tell her your house is on fire.

She's staying here with us until an electrician
can get in and fix everything.
She brought her 2 cats.
Having 3 cats in the house is fun.
Fun, as in interesting.
Interesting, as in, I hope they don't kill each other.

Have a great weekend!



Lisa Tucker said...

When I saw your title I said "oh my" out loud and giggled. Because girl you make me giggle. But then I read that you hurt yourself and I'm so sorry. I hope you are better real soon and I'm so glad you can still type...:)....I always look forward to your posts. Have a pain free day....:)

Melynda and Terry, we are the Browns! said...

I will be texting you later on how much I enjoyed this post, but really sorry about your arm. Spread the joy girl, spread the joy!

Speedy Lady (Tresa) said...

I had the same first reaction as your commenter, Lisa. I'm sorry you are in pain but I'm glad you were able to post. You always make me smile. I guess if there is a bright side to a house get to spend extra time with Katie...? Take care!

just call me jo said...

Well ain't that a kick in the pants! You have a really interesting life (interesting as in stressful.) I hope you feel better soon, no cats are harmed, you wash your hair, and then we'll talk. If I can do anything, please take off the sling and call me. Do not text me. This is serious.

Kris said...

Lord have Mercy!!! Obviously, I sent you that note BEFORE I saw your blog update! I hope your elbow eases up soon. Are you alternating ice and heat?
If you are like me, being told to "do nothing" is like a fate worse than death!! I am not a do nothing kind of gal. Must move. Must go, must do! I hope you can rest it, and feel better soon kiddo! Bet the garden looks great!
And oh are a funny one. Just like her Mama! Hope they can get their house fixed soon too so that there is not big cat fight at your house!!!
Take care Holly!!
xo Kris

lifeinredshoes said...

Well your elbow is proof that no good deed goes unpunished!
And I agree about kids these days and texting. How do you think I learned I was going to be a grandma?!
Hope you heal quickly, that crop won't wait forever ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, leave it to you to have 'sprung' your elbow AND have a kitty party in your home. Didn't you say something about kitties awhile back....hmmmm?

I have a 'trigger' finger. Went to the doctor who said to ice it and take mega IBU. Well, that was a waste of still hurts! Apparently I 'over-used' it while building the fence last fall. Like your elbow, it's painful. Did I tell you it's my middle finger? (there's a joke there someplace)

You need to show Katie how to dial a phone, Holly. It's really easy.

(seriously....hope you heal fast)

Tammy said...

Oh dear, Katie.....Never text that kind of info. lol Moms freak out no matter what the text says. ;-)

Laraine Eddington said...

A house in our neighborhood burned this week. Is fire catching? I'm glad she is a low-key girl. There's something comforting about that. I hope your arm gets better.

Pam said...

Sorry about your elbow. You had me confused because I was thinking it was just a little early to be planting your garden, but I see you're in AZ. Makes much more sense now! You'll probably be harvesting about the time I get some plants in the ground.

Linda said...

Oh my...what week! I hope you are feeling better...I hurt my elbow once and it was horrible...sorry...but I kinda laughed about the text...maybe because my sons are that age...what IS wrong with them?

RoeH said...

You have every right to have a big pitty party. We'll all come. I was up in your area yesterday coming home from Wickenburg. My cousin was here for two days and we played all over the state. I feel like I'm still driving.

Pat MacKenzie said...

I think Roe was thinking kitty party when she typed pitty party. Or maybe it was a pity party but Hank made her make it look like kitty. Sorry, it's late and I'm tired.

Hope your elbow gets better soon. You could punish your daughter by making her plant your garden!

deb said...

your posts make me smile!!!! not that Im not sad about your elbow and are just so dang funny!!!!!! get better soon!!!