Friday, February 22, 2013

Can You Hear Me Now?


I have been without a computer for two weeks.
I finally got her back today and just wanted to post a quick update
to say I'm sorry I haven't been visiting or commenting on any of your blogs.

I'll be back soon with a post.

Missed Ya'll!!



Melynda and Terry, we are the Browns! said...

Wow! So glad you are back, missed you.

Lisa Tucker said...

It's a good thing you checked back in....I was about to come to Arizona and check on you and I've only flown twice in my life and it's not my favorite thing to do. We are all so glad that you are back....I've missed you...:)

Linda said...

And I missed you too!! So glad it was just a computer glitch!! Have a great weekend!!

Robyn said...

You've been missed! I check your blog almost everyday...glad you're back :)

I wonder if you could help me? If you have time, could you pop on over to my blog and give an opinion on my post about blog etiquette? I had a question and I'd love some answers from seasoned bloggers. Thanks so much :)

Linda Primmer said...

Hi Holly, it's great you got your computer back. I would be totally lost. Holly, I would also recommend turning off word verification in your Settings, and then comments. most bloggers shy away from leaving a comment when it's turned on.

Anonymous said...

we missed you!

Kris said...

It's about time! I was going to send out search and rescue!!!!!
Miss ya kid!

RoeH said...

So we can call off the search dogs now? Woof!

Whosyergurl said...

TWO weeks? I would go through MAJOR withdrawel!
Welcome back!
xoxo, Cheryl