Monday, February 21, 2011

The Sweetest Day

I was thrilled yesterday to get a visit from Tammy and her unbelievably sweet daughter Madelyn.  Tammy lives in Colorado and is my husband's niece so she and I had never met.  We talk on the phone, email, and read each other's blogs.

  Seeing Tammy for the first time was so much fun.  I felt I had known her all my life.  We got to sit and chat and play with Miss M.  What a perfect little girl!  I had a wonderful time lovin on that little one.  She has such a sweet nature and Tammy is so good with her.  We got to get her naked down to the diaper and smell all that great "baby smell.
Look at those gorgeous eyes!
This is the look I got all afternoon while she tried to figure out why this crazy woman kept taking her picture.
If you get a chance, head over to Tammy's Blog at Pink is Not My Favorite Color.  I love seeing pictures of her family, the amazing renovations they have done on their home, and see her get her craftiness on.  Tammy makes adorable tutus. 
I think I wore Miss M out with her photo shoot and probably too many kisses.
Aunt Holly


Melynda said...

What a great day! She is adorable, love that last shot. What is it about a sleeping baby that just melts a heart?

Karen said...

What a cutie pie!!! Don't you just wish you knew what they are thinking when they look at you like that?!!!! Love, love the last shot...I agree...there is just something about watching babies sleep.

BrownFamily said...

What a doll!

Kris said...

What a sweet girl! There is no such thing as too many kisses!!! Heading over to check out her blog now.

I'm Cindy said...

Put a big smile on my face!!! Love the look in the eyes!!

Tammy said...

Aww You had to include my picture too?? LoL I love her! She's so sweet! Thank you for letting us visit. Gunna miss you a bunch!!

A Gracious Home said...

She is so pretty. I'm glad you got to meet them. Doylene