Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Fair Lady and Paco

Had the most loverly of loverly days yesterday.  For Christmas I had bought my daughter, Katie, and myself tickets to see "My Fair Lady" at the Arizona Broadway Theater.  My daughter and I enjoy seeing musicals together (since the Redneck won't go with me) but this is the first time we had been to a dinner theater.  It was so nice.  They didn't allow cameras in but here are some shots from the website:

We first had a wonderful meal.  Kate had the vegetarian which was risotto with Parmesan, portabellos and asparagus and I had the NY strip with shrimp.  The meal was amazing and the service impeccable.  After dinner we ordered a chocolate cheesecake that was served during intermission. 
Neither one of us had seen the play before so it was a lot of fun to see it together.

On to Paco:
Last week a friend brought over a huge supply of sewing/craft things that her mother had had for years.  They had been clearing out some of the old things in her home and were going to take everything to Goodwill.  I was the recipient of the craft/sewing things!  I called my sweet friend Connie and she and I went through everything and sorted out who gets what.  I'm happy to tell you, no blood was shed and hair was not pulled.  We're mature like that.
I got most of the sewing supplies including some wonderful vintage hand embroidered pillow cases and Connie took the yarn.  There was some lovely aqua colored yarn and I pointed out that I thought I needed an octopus in that color.  I have no idea why I needed an octopus, I just wanted one at that moment.  Sweet Connie met up with me on Friday night with a crocheted octopus.  I just love him and I can't believe she did it so quickly!

His name is Paco and I love him so very much.  He makes me deliriously happy.  Thank you again Connie, you know I love you!



klutzymama said...

Paco is so adorable!

I'm Cindy said...

Love the color of Paco!! I love when my daughter and I get to spend time together. Love ya girl!

just call me jo said...

Paco es muy bien. No hablo espanol. Yo tango amore por Paco. Adios.

BrownFamily said...

paco is sooo cute! My daughters would love him!

Connie said...

I'm happy you liked him :) and he has found a good home

Kris said...

The octopus is darling. I am SO making one! And lucky you getting the sewing notions! What fun!

Shelia said...

Sounds like you and your daughter had a great time! I love musicals but haven't seen this one - just the olden movie!
How nice to get all of those supplies and little Paco is adorable! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Tammy said...

How fun!! Glad you had a good time!! Paco is sooo cute!! Good little friend. =)

Val said...

How fun! Paco is adorable...the cutest little octapus ever.

It sounds like you had a great time at My Fair Lady. I've never been to a dinner theatre before, I assume that I woulde love it, as food and musicals are two of my very favorite things!