Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This could be yours for only 3 easy payments of....ok, it's really free.

I was recently contacted by CSN stores asking if I'd like to do a giveaway!  Well, does Santa wear reindeer boxers??!!!  (Yes, the answer is YES!!)  Don't ask.

CSN is a virtual mall that has over 200 stores.  I've been looking around in there and I have to say that even though they don't have an Orange Julius or Hot Dog on a Stick, I much prefer this way of shopping than going to an actual mall.  They have everything from furniture to modern decor.

The gift certificate is for $25 to be spent at any of their stores or can be applied to a larger purchase.

The rules are easy.

1)  You must live in the US or in Canada.
2)  You must leave me a comment at this post.
2)  You don't have to but it would be nice if you would "follow me".

Look at some of the great items they offer!

iittala Origo Orange Dinnerware Set
Dinnerware sets

Woven St. John Stripe Indoor / Outdoor Rug - RDB120
Le Creuset

I'll hold the drawing on Monday, December 27th.


Good Luck!



Amanda- Hip House Girl said...

What? No Hot Dog on a Stick??? That's ok, I'll enter anyway. And I don't "follow" you, but I do subscribe to you in Reader.

Cindy said...

I'm a follower!!! Love to enter and I prefer to shop online rather than the mall also. See Ya My Friend!!

Tammy said...

I'll enter! =0) said...

Holla! I love free stuff even though Bobby McGee said that freedom's just another word for nothin left to lose.

BrownFamily said...

i'm a follower!

Rachel said...

I'm laughing at your comment on mine about the flour. Here's my words --


even thought I felt anxiety for ya. My 7 year old dumped flour over himself and my entire kitchen when he was three. Thank goodness I realized not to use water to clean it up. So I vacuumed his hair. Ha ha ha.

Blessings to you!!


Dawn said...

I have been reading your blog for a while now after stumbling across it. I love your sense of humor and your posts are written like we were talking over the table with coffee. I already link your blog from mine but I am now a follower too :)

Karen said...

Girlfriend you are just too funny! I really was going to ask about the boxers but then you said NOT so.....You know how bloggers love giveaways! I'm in like Flynn! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Linda said...

Of course I love to win....

Kris said...

Done...and DID!!

suburban prep said...

CSN is such a great site.

TZel said...

Thanks for this grea giveaway! I have enjoyed shopping at CSN in the past. Great store. Have a nice weekend!
bridgestranslation at yahoo dot com

Kelly said...

I love the aprons! Wow! I'm so impressed you can sew! I knew you got some of that creative gene I missed. When did you get the new sewing machine? Are sisters allowed to win a prize?

Corners of My Life said...

Such a great variety of items. Someone will be a very lucky winner.

Connie said...

Here's my entry. Was great to see you two Friday nite. Ate those beans you gave Josh yesterday along with Christmas dinner. They are soooo yummy!

Liz said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I just found your blog and I'm a new follower!