Thursday, March 15, 2012

This is Still Not a Cooking Blog

Or a Diet Blog
Or a Decorating Blog
Or a Crafting Blog
Or a Sewing Blog
Or a Family Blog

I'm not sure what it is.
But thanks for checking in
 to see what absurd things I'm up to today.

I made this:
And know what?
I liked it a really really lot.

Cauliflower crust.
Genn said it was good and she doesn't lie.
I don't think.
I'm not sure.
I only met her once
 but her pants weren't on fire or anything.

(No mas pantelones)
That commercial is funny, I don't care who you are.

The recipe for the crust can be found here.
The only things I did differently were:
I only used half of the cheese called for.
And I only cooked the cauliflower for 6 minutes.

My first batch of cauliflower was cooked for 8 minutes
and it turned to brown cripsies in the microwave.
So I started over and did 6 minutes.

Also, she made it sound like you could
put it on the cookie sheet with your hands.
Mine was more like a batter and poured out.

Either way, it was very good.
I put basil, a little homemade marinara,
mushrooms and tomatoes on mine.

Let's move on to something else.

In my last post I spoke about the
 Yoga lesson my sister gave me and how I enjoyed it.
Yes, that's me, why do you ask?

Now I have changed my mind as I am wont to do.

Yoga is a dumb ass exercise for people
that like to move really slow and be relaxed
and get all bendy.

I like to move around like a flea on crack.
Hopping from task to task.
Yoga is boring.
And the name Yoga is stupid.
I shall not speak of it again on this blog.

Today I went to Target to buy some washcloths,
towels and new Tupperware-like food holder thingies.
34 pieces for $15

I used my Target credit card to get the 5% off,
then after I paid I walked over to customer service and
paid off that amount in cash.

Do you think that's unethical?

Never mind, don't answer that.
I'm not going to stop doing it.

And since I believe that every post
should have a minimum of four pictures,
I leave you with this one
since my children refuse to give me grand kids.

She misses her Aunt Kelly
who rubbed her head,
spoke soft words to her,
and fed her from the table.



Pearl said...

I would eat that.

No mas pantalones, indeed. :-)


Holly said...

Did you see that comment up there from Pearl? I had no idea she read my blog and I almost peed myself to see she left me a comment. I love her blog, go check it out. NO WAIT! Leave me a comment first, then go check it out. Or get a snack first.

Dina said...

If it looks like a blog and smells like a blog, then it's a blog.

Your posts always make me think it is time for me to purchase some Poise pads for my giggling fits...

Anonymous said...

that looks very ymmy indeedy!But I be thinking browned cauliflower will stink kind of bad.
I love yoga, it helps me alot.
Your grandchild is beautiful.Lovely brown eyes,

Bethany said...

I do that all the time in Kohl's. But I don't go to Customer Service. I get my discount on my store charge. Then I say to them "I'd like to pay off my charge now" and they do it. Possibly annoying to the folks behind you, but the girl in line in front of me did that once, so I consider it educational as opposed to annoying.

Anonymous said...

Pizza looks tasty....whodathunk it was that nasty cauliflower????

Yoga. Tried it. Bored to death. I found myself thinking about hiking while I was bent in half. Do you know anyone who wants two yoga mats?

I don't care what your blog's theme is, as long as you keep posting.

just call me jo said...

Ok,OK--I so love that pantalones commercial too. I was just afraid to say so because I thought I watched too much TV. Whew! I'm so relieved... I will eat cauliflower, but I don't think I can give up bread/wheat/grains entirely. I just can't. I am limiting. I bought some almonds and dried cranberries and fruit and veggies today. I'm trying, but I don't know if I was meant to eat like a caveman. Really! Never tried yoga. I always thought pilates sounded nice. If I'm gonna exercise, however, I want to move and go forward and be a little animated (not like a cartoon character, but the other animated.) I'll bet puppy Blevins does miss his aunt. She must come back soon. I love your non-denominational blog. At least you're back to posting. Be still my chubby littl heart.


You SOLD it with the photo. I'm going to try the cauliflower thing. I want to taste the yummy. About that last picture... Look at those eyes, that face. Who needs grandchildren.

Kris said...

Haven't seen the pantalones commercial, but you my friend make me pee my pants. I need Poise pads too, before coming here to read!!! Who is Pearl? Nevermind, I will go check it out when i leave here. I need to make the cauliflower crust. Bought cauliflower twice now and haven't done it yet. Geez!!! am waiting to give you my opinion. I bought the DVD, and the girls are going to do it with me. But I am worried I might get all tangled up in my legs or something! slay me...really!!!
love ya kid
XO Kris
PS I use my Kohl's charge and pay it off while still at the cash register!!!

Genn said...

No mas pantelones.
bahahaha. i love you holly! no one else's blog makes me laugh as hard.
come back to corona i miss you. then you can meet me twice. ;)

glad you liked the cauliflower crust pizza! it has such a yummy taste doesn't it?

Mine is more of a batter when I make it too, and I scoop it out onto a baking sheet with a spatula and then use my hands to create it into a circle and pat it down. How'd you do it? Some fancy way?

Yoga, schmoga. haha, you are funny.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Damn shame you're giving up the yoga, looks like you were good at it!!! (and a quick learner:@)

Amy said...

I am almost tempted to try the cauliflower crust pizza. Almost...

I find yoga a little slow and boring myself but sometimes I wish I could get all bendy and flexible, or channel my inner goddess or whatever. But I tend to want to jump around like a spaz when I exercise.

Robyn said...

LOL You crack me up... The pizza looked good.. As for yoga? meh--- thats my opinion.. LOL.. and I have that SAME tupperware set.. I LOVE that the covers snap together and onto a bowl

deb said...

ok I pinned that pizza recipe and Im SO glad you tried it first...Im all over it!!!!!!

corners of my life said...

I love that your blog is a conmbination of absurd things. Never a boring moment.

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