Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm Thinking He's Not Dead

In my attempt to lead a healthier lifestyle
I've been loading up on more veggies
and lean meats.

I bought some catfish fillets
and seasoned them with Cajun spices.

I've had fried catfish
Deep Fried Catfish.
Pretty good.
But I decided to go with a healthier version.
Yesterday I blackened the fillets in my cast iron skillet.
And then I tasted it.

Or shall I say, that I brought it up to my mouth
and the smell hit me before I could taste it.

You know how smells can trigger a memory?
Like a new box of crayons bringing you back to kindergarten?
Or the smell of fall leaves?
Or the smell of fresh cut grass?

The smell of the catfish brought a memory too.
See, we used to have turtles when we were young.
Myrtle, Tim and Pigpen.
But the names aren't important.
We didn't clean out their habitat often enough.
We would wait until the smell permeated the family room
and then begrudgingly wash out the cloudy poo filled water.
That was the smell.

I didn't eat the catfish.
Brian did and he was up all night with an upset stomach.

I felt bad for him
even though I had told him not to eat the turtle poo dinner.
I tried to get him to let me make him

Because, hotdogs are the go to meal around here
when ever I burn/ruin/drop dinner.

But he ate the smelly meal
and wasn't feeling well.
I don't think I poisoned him
but I can't be sure since he's at work now.

With Diarrhea.
Did I tell you he's a truck driver?

So today I mowed the lawn for him.
So we're kinda even.


just call me jo said...

That's what he gets for eating something that smelled like turle poop. Good heavens, man. Fish?? I am always suspect or those things. Look at the face of that catfish? It can't be good to eat. Tooooo ugly! I'm a hot dog liker too. (I don't know how to spell connesouir??? I'm sure thats not it.) Any way...I hope Brian feels better. He should listen to you.

maxwell said...

That man trusts you way too much. It must be true love.

RoeH said...

All I have to do is look at a catfish and realize there's no way in whatever that will make me eat one. They even look mean. But --- some people like 'em. Not sure how.

Laraine Eddington said...

Ummm, that was not Maxwell, that was me.

Anonymous said...

turtle poop dinner, oh yum, poor guy, how did you get the smell out of the house and will he ever eat fish again, I will be honest and say I really don't eat much fish.I like deep battered fried cod, tuna sandwiches and battered and deep fried shrimp and maybe salmon sandwich id I make it, I don't like the bones.Good for you for eating healthier but i would eat the hot dogs on that day, thats for sure, thats one ugly fish, I hear they get really big down where you all live, they are small up here, our kids caught them a lot.I never cooked them though, we took them to our chinese friends.Its really nice to hear from you Holly, I miss your posts.

tainted with a positive view said...

That's how I felt about eating shark. I fixed it, it looked good, but when I put it to my mouth - ugh! Couldn't do it. Something about eating a predator. I learned my lesson - stick with simpler versions of fish. I hope he feels better soon.


That was so funny I almost peed my pants. But I am extremely sorry to hear about your husband's discomfort. Chalk it up to something fishy and move on.

Speedy Lady said...

Cat fish are just plain scary! But then, I don't eat any fish--well, not unless it comes battered and deep fried from Long John Silver's. Poor Brian, hope he feels better soon.

Dina said...

OH.MY.WORD hope he is okay. My ex one time ate an entire plate of raw oysters that he thought tasted funny after eating the first one. Bright one that he is ate them all. Don't need to finish that story do I? And that is but one of the multitude of reasons he is an EX.

Tabitha said...

I hope he's feeling better. The idea of a turtle named Pigpen is totally cracking me up. :-)

corners of my life said...

Oh my.
Gagging as I read.
Poor Brian!

marie said...

you are SO funny. hope you husband is okay??

Genn said...

oh no,
hope he's okay now!!!

i love fish and sea food, but if there is any sort of smell AT ALL, i'm out. not gonna do it.

Bet that is the last time you make catfish huh?

i just bought individual wrapped wild caught salmon fillets (they are seasoned also in a cajuny sort of style) and they are soooo tasty and easy! i just plop them in the oven for 25 mins and done.

Kris said...

Oh mercy me!!! I cannot cook fish in the house. The smell kills me. Once when I was pregnant....Greg came home from a fishing trip in Mexico. He came into the kitchen and opened up the cooler of fresh fish, and I went running for the bathroom. Yup....upchuck....and have never been able to smell fresh fish since. Hope Brian feels better by now. Eat your catfish at Cracker Barrel!!!!
: ) Hugs,
You need a good smellin' candle like mine to fill the air in your house too!!!!

Amy said...

Reason 101 why I do not cook fish. Funny story although I feel a little bad for Brian. He really should have listened. How nice to you to mow the lawn for him. I would say that makes up for it.

lifeinredshoes said...

Oh hey Holly I hadn't dredged up that memory in years! Thanks for the reminder :)

Robyn said...

Oh dear, he should have stuck with the hot dogs.. If it smells? Run away, run FAR away.. LOL..I hope he's feeling better and you're recovered from mowing the lawn! LOL