Friday, March 16, 2012

A Must Read - 5 Very Important Topics

This morning I while eating my breakfast I turned on the TV
and started watching the episode of
I Dream Of Jeannie
where Jeannie catches the Alibaba Flu
and kisses Major Nelson
just before he gets in his spaceship and heads to the moon.
She kept blinking him back and forth from spaceship to home
 to try to nurse him back to health.
I was so afraid that the other astronaut
was going to realize what was happening.
It stressed me out some.

After I bought my new towels at Target yesterday,
I threw them in the washer and dryer and this huge wad of lint
was in my filter.

I think it's pretty.
I took a picture of it.
Actually, I took 6 pictures of it.
And I edited this one.

I edited a picture of dryer lint.

After writing my post yesterday about
how I don't like Yoga,
I thought about that.
I decided it was probably because I don't know
how to still my mind.
My wheels are always spinning.

So I decided to set my stop watch
to 5 minutes and just sit with my eyes closed
and try to still my mind
and find my inner being
and possibly solve the problem of world hunger.

While I was lying there
taking deep cleansing breaths,
my dog came up and licked me inside my mouth.
Meditation and enlightenment are not for the faint of heart.

World hunger remains a problem.

I do spend a lot of time thinking about ways to
save the world though.
If our overflowing landfills are such a problem
why can't we just drill a hole to the core of the Earth
where it's really hot and burny
and just throw our trash in there?

My friend Connie thinks that's a stupid idea
as it would allow all the toxic gases to escape from
the Earth's core.
I think Connie thinks too much.
We should just do it and see what happens.

I think we should stop housing and feeding all death row inmates.
We should save them all up until we have a
spaceship full of them
(to save on gas, of course)
and drop them off on the moon
with enough oxygen and to last a month
and let them figure it all out.

We fly in that general vicinity anyway
so why not pull a trailer full of them
behind the spaceship
and unload it on the moon?

I'm chock full of great ideas.

If your brother the congressman would like to
have a little sit down to discuss any of my ideas,
I think I could fit him in next Tuesday.



Anonymous said...

oh my gosh you are on top of things today! You made my day!

just call me jo said...

You are an awesome and scary woman. Your mind--?? It amazes me. I too am fascinated with dryer lint. I love to peel off fluffy layers from new towels, etc. It's probably some kind of vitamin deficiency.

Kris said...

Love your idea for the inmates!!! Getir done!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the death row inmates should be put into the center of the earth with the trash. Kill two birds kinda thing.

Dryer lint. Great subject piece. Only you........

Apparently the dog wanted to meditate with you ~ in a weird kind of way. ech.....

Love ya....J

Melynda said...

Only 5 items? Go Holly Go!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Ok, so here's the deal... If you're worried about keeping down the landfills, I hear you can start fires (camp or in your fireplace, NOT the crazy neighbor's house!) with dryer lint. Now, I'm not saying I've tried this but I read about it. I try to do my part by recycling plastic bags.:@)

Laraine Eddington said...

You should be contacted shortly by someone from congressman Flake's office. You are obviously someone that needs to be put in a "think tank".

RoeH said...

Capital idea about the death row thing. It would be so less bloody that other ideas that I have for them. Seems such a waste of money to keep them waiting for 30 years to die when we could be feeding children someplace. Or curing cancer. Or just so many things even I can think of. :)

Debbie Kay said...

Holly, all I can say is......"You crack me up"!

Thank you for being YOU.


Pearl said...

You edited a picture of lint.

You have no idea how much I love that.


Give yoga another try -- only look for a place that offers "vinyasa flow", a more physical approach to yoga. Works for this gal, and my mind is always racing!


Amy said...

Trying to quiet your mind for a whole 5 minutes. Let me know when and how you have achieved such a feat as it continues to elude me.

The death row inmate idea is fabulous.

Jon said...

K. Yer wierder than me.

lifeinredshoes said...

Dryer lint....fascinating.
I tried yoga, my mind won't stop. We had to lay/lie there and do that damn breathing stuff with a towel over our face and all I could think of was how dirty the towel was after laying on the mats that the boys use for was in the wrestling room.
I thought how much sweat and stinky feet grime and pubic hair.....yes I just wrote that....was now all over my face!
And that I needed to finish the load of laundry in the dryer and iron a couple of shirts...... you get my point.
And PLEASE! start a petition about your prisoner idea, I'll be the 1st to sign it :)

Robyn said...

LOL!! Loved the post.. You always make me smile or giggle.. Thank you! :)

Whosyergurl said...

I think you are full of...lots of good ideas! Have you ever heard of this woman (from IN, of course) who made art from dryer lint?

xo, Cheryl