Friday, October 7, 2011

Yesterday (Dang, that's a creative title!)

How many times can I talk about cookies
before you stop following me?

Did you know I like cookies?
Did you know my husband likes cookies?
Did you know that I can't stop making them?
Did you know my pants don't fit?

I got out my all time favorite cooking utensils
to make these babies!

You don't use a hammer to make cookies?
That's OK, I won't hold it against you.

I couldn't find toffee pieces in my grocery store.
The cashier told me they were seasonal.
I asked what season they would be available.
She told me
"In the Fall."

I didn't let that stop me because
I was on a serious cookie mission
and there are very few things that are as important
as being on a cookie mission.
At least that's what I told myself yesterday.
So I bought Heath bars and smashed them to bits.

This may wake your dog up off the couch
who will start barking at you
every time you hit the candy bars with your hammer.



And so on.

It was worth it.

Once again I will not be posting the recipe.
Again, this is not a cooking blog.
Regardless of what Kris and Genn say.
They tell me that because I have cooking utensils
in my background that this is a cooking blog
 and I should supply recipes.

I will say this once.
Those are not cooking utensils!
They are eating utensils!
I eat!

But I will go ahead and provide the link
to the recipe.
Because I'm nice like that.
You can find it here.
I love this site, she has wonderful
recipes and a great sense of humor.

While waiting for the cookies to bake
I decided to clean out my junk drawer.
I took pictures for you
because I wouldn't want you to miss out.

Don't you have a shower cap in your
kitchen junk drawer?
See that screwdriver?
It's the only one my husband lets me use.
I hate it because it goes all bendy
and I don't know how to lock it into place.
I'm throwing all of these away.
I have no idea what they go to.
My husband doesn't know either
but he told me not to throw them away.
We haven't used them in a few years.
I'm throwing them away.
He's going to need one next week and
I will have to explain myself.
Or I will just get that look on my face and act like
I don't understand English.
I'm throwing them away.

I did a pretty good job of
cleaning out that drawer.
Can I get a high five?

After the cookie baking,
I went out and met Jo for lunch.
having lunch with Jo is one of my favorite things
to do in the whole wide world.

She came loaded with goodies
for my birthday.
Don't you love it when your
birthday lasts for an entire month?

Cute red dishtowels and cupcake holdery thingies.
Love them.
And then I pulled this out of the bag.
A vintage table cloth in near perfect condition.
Does this woman know me or what?
I love it!!
I love it more than cookies.
I love it more than throwing keys away.
I may love it more than Diet Coke.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.



just call me jo said...

Uhm, why didn't you bring me any cookies? I didn't know you baked cookies. Cookies? I love cookies. Especially those made with a hammer. It's OK. Give the tablecloth back if I don't get any cookies. Sheesh! (Glad you liked it. ;o)

Laraine Eddington said...

My husband and I had an eerily similar conversation about keys this week. Our collection of mystery keys are going to intrigue our descendants for eternity.

Genn said...

Touche Holly!
You don't cook, you EAT. ;)
Got it.

Cookies sound yummy.
No toffee in the store though? Isn't it "fall"?
The keys, I laughed, yes you will need one tomorrow I bet.
Just act like you don't speak english. I like that!
Have a good one Holly. Love ya!

ain't for city gals said...

I was hoping you would have a pic of your birthday lunch...wanted to see Jo's hair!!..

Kris said...

I'm getting in the car right now and heading over for cookies! Put the kettle on sista. Your are talking two of my favorite things.....cookies & toffee.
Love that tablecloth too. Wooded! I high fives your hand print. I throw away mystery keys too.
Miss ya.

rory said...

great blog! I like it! :)

Bethany said...

I love that table cloth more than I love my nephew! I'm kidding - that's physically impossible. You have the neatest junk drawer pre-cleaning that I've ever seen. I also initially wrote that as "drunk drawer." I don't know where that came from.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm cookies sounds dee-lish!

Tammy said...

I'm totally jealous that Jo gets to go out to lunch with you. =)

Ann said...

Wow! What a neat junk drawer you had when you started ... are you sure it's your junk drawer? Lunch with you two sounds like fun ... maybe sometime when I can get into Phoenix we could do that.

Anonymous said...

So let me venture to guess:




I knew I loved you.

Anonymous said...

I hope you haven't thrown the keys away!! You can channel your inner artist and arrange them tastefully in a picture frame ........
ps - you can buy Scottish toffee which comes in a tray, complete with a little hammer!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

OK..I have much to say and no time to say it (I am SUPPOSED to be working..whatever..)

1. your "before" looks like my "after"
2. Your husband's obsession with keys is a male DNA thingy - I know 'cos I work with DNA and we are not to blame..
3. so, not really needing to be said, our own obsession with trowing away keys is also genetically engineered into OUR DNA..
4. You are correct - eating utensils
5. You are spoiled. Very spoiled. She's my Jo too and yet, you do not share. It does not matter that I live in another state. Actually..I do..I live in the state of..jealousy.
6. Move next door to me. We need a cookie maker on the block.
7. No..YOU go have a good week-end..just not with Jo. OK OK..if you've already planned one..don't worry about me all fuchsia hairs and lonely..

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Lovin' your "new" tablecloth and those cookies look pretty darn good... you know, for not a cooking blog:@)

Anonymous said...

I bake cookies a lot, I never bake cookies with a hammer. I really must be doing something wrong.

I gave you a high five because you deserved it after going through such measures to bake cookies :)

Keys- I throw all keys away. Hubby has no idea. Shhh..don't tell.

Great tablecloth, just think by the time you quit celebrating this birthday you will have another just around the corner.

Your funny-I love your blog
Have yourself a great weekend :)

Anonymous said...

only a good friend knows just the right gift. I think you should start a cooking school.You cook like no one i know,

Whosyergurl said...

Holly, I'm back and playing catch-up. What day is YOUR birthday?
Mine is the 20th.
xo, Cheryl

corners of my life said...

The vintage table cloth is to die for. Lucky you!