Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Home Tour

Are you as excited as I am?
Who doesn't love a home tour?

I love to take little peeks into blogger's homes.
They may be showing me a picture of a pie that they just made
but I am looking in the corner of the
picture at the cute little ceramic
cow that you have next to your sink.
I don't care to look at your pie, thank you.
Can you pan out a little so I can see
if you have tile or linoleum?

I don't care if you are a design pro
or if you live in an episode of hoarders.
I just want to see whatcha got goin on over there.

We blog for ourselves and for others.
We have blog friends who know us quite well.
We talk about childbirth
and the benefits of mustache waxing.
We talk about how our children are slowly trying to kill us.
But we rarely get to step into one anothers homes.
And that's a crying shame.
Because don't you think our homes say so much about us?

My home is nothing to write home about.
It's rather small but the size suits us.
There are many things we would change if we could
but we are moving in another year.

Just because you live a thousand miles away
doesn't mean you can't come into my home.

So, here we go:

Let's start in the living room.

If you look closely, you can see the dog's
squeaky chicken under the couch.
Princess Gizaboo is asleep on the back of the couch.
And are you wondering why my bicycle
 is on the back patio? 
I am too.

That coffee table has been in my family for years.
If you lay on the floor under the coffee table
and look up, you will see where a
four-year-old Holly wrote her name in crayon.
The sign above the TV says
"We Are Not Amused."
I like it.
That basket next to the entertainment center
is full of dog and cat toys.

I just recently bought this fall wreath
at Michael's.
I went with the intention of buying supplies
to make a wreath.
I saw this and didn't look back.

That is the most comfy red blanket in history
and one of us uses it every night
while watching TV.
That picture above the light switch was a birthday
gift to me this year from my sweet friend Laurie.
See the dirt around the door handle?
I wash that door once a week.
Which is more often than my husband
washes his hands.
This was my great grandmother Pearl's sewing machine.
The candle was a gift from Kris, Erika and Genn.
The pillows in the basket get used when
I lay on the floor to watch TV.
That bird.
See that bird?
My daughter moves it around the house
after I go to bed at night
just to irritate me.
I never know where I will find it.

I have not killed this plant yet.
Feel free to be impressed.

Let's take a quick look in the kitchen.

As kitchens go,
this one works for me.
Nothing special.
But I have a lot of counter space
with a good sized island.

Those cookies in the jar are my
thumbprint jam cookies from yesterday.
Let's talk about those for a moment,
Shall we?


I did not eat 10 Thumbprint jam cookies Laraine and Laurie.
That would be just crazy.
I did not eat 9 cookies Genn and Beth.
I'm not a barbarian!

Deb guessed that I ate 20!!!

What's up with that!?
It's like she knows me.

I did eat 5 which is a totally respectable number of cookies

to eat when one is bored.
No one guessed 5.

No one gets 100 meaningless points
to spend in my imaginary gift shop.

This maple table is a thrift store find.
I love it.
The chairs are absolutely hideous.
Someone painted them with latex and
the paint is peeling.
I'm pretending that it's not doing that.

And this is where the magic happens.

If by magic you mean
the place where you clip your toenails
and watch reruns of "Mad About You"
before turning off the lights at 6:30 pm.
Then yes, this is where it happens.

And that's where I live.

I would love to see you do a post on your home.

Now, come see it in person.
I'll try to save you a cookie.




Laraine Eddington said...

Your home is very appealing, light clean, organized and homey. I like it.

Connie said...

I have the extreme pleasure of living close enough to Holly to be able to see her often; although not as often as I would like. We have been friends for several years. I was at her home yesterday. I see you DID put that mirror back up. Brilliant choice. When I walked in yesterday do you remember my first comment? "It is SOOO homey and friendly here" It honestly is and it isnt just the house... good gosh its Holly and Brian. She tried to get me to eat one of those cookies twice (maybe 3 times) I shoulda snagged one to bring home for dessert though :( Was super to see you guys yesterday! (that birdy is in the same spot it was yesterday - she musta forgot to move it) haha I just love that she does that.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Love your sweet home..very very lovely! I love all of your decorations..and would most assuridly (can't spell)love your thumbprint cookies..thanks for the tour :-)

Anonymous said...

I guessed 6 cookies....close but no cigar.

Your home is truly lovely. Neat, pops of color, amusing signs, and filled with Holly touches.

Thanks for the tour. I enjoyed my visit.

just call me jo said...

Your house is cute, tidy, and loveable--just like you. I know I would feel right at home there. Where's the clutter? You have no clutter? YOu've seen some of my house. I made Rick wash the sliding glass door tonight. I should take pictures tonight because it won't be clean in the morning. Dang dog Barley! What about Thursday for our lunch? MY hair looks particularly awful and Rachel is coming this weekend. I need bolstered before she descends and tells me how awful I look. I'll think of a place or you can. I'd rather you choose. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

I just love peeking in windows and this was a real Treat. Your home is just like you very classy but homey.I love every room and I love the painting in your bedroom too.I love that its not too cluttered.Wow its sooo clean,,

Comeca Jones said...

The blanket on your bed is a great color!Your home looks relaxing.

Melynda said...

Loved the tour, and my guess of 7 cookies was not bad. I realize not a winning guess, but still not bad! PS I want your kitchen....

Dina said...

Thanks for the tour! Yours is what I love best...a HOME. Personally I have no use for a house.

Genn said...

Once again you had me giggling my way through this post Holly.

I'm sorry I thought you ate 9 cookies.
I would have eaten 9. ;)

Your house is so lovely.
It makes me want to come over,
curl up on that pretty couch in your living room, (on the side in front of the bike out back and you be on the other one) and we'll light your candle, and eat cookies, and laugh ourselves silly.
Sounds SO fun.
Love how tidy every room is too!
Can I come over now? :)

Shelia said...

Hi Holly! I'm just like you and love to peep into other's homes! Yours looks so comfy and cozy!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Bethany said...

I think 47 year old Holly needs to lay on the floor and take a picture of 4 year old Holly's signature. I didn't just age you, did I? I'm too lazy to look back but I think you just turned 47... Is it weird that the first thing I saw was your bicycle? Also--your house looks so cozy and inviting. And clean. I want to come and play with your sewing machine :)

Kris said...

Oh how I would love to sit in those blue chairs, at your maple table, eating 6 or 9 cookies from that darling jar with the blue lid! If it were cooler, I would sip hot tea, and if it is hot, I will sip iced tea. I may have to fight you for that cozy red blankie! Love your home. Love you kid!!!

SavannahGranny said...

Holly, I loved the tour of your home. I especially love yur grandmother's treadle sewing machine and your coffee table. Was the coffee table a cut down dining table. I have seen people do that. So neat that it got passed to you.
Funny, my youngest daughter's name is Hollie. I almost misspelled your name when I started. She had written her name on my gateleg table. I guess that means it goes to her.
Thanks for visiting Marian's garden. I appreciate it. Ginger

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Holly, I so enjoy peeping into homes of other bloggers. Your home is so clean and pretty!
And the cookies.....I would have eaten them all!
Hugs, Ann

Bev said...

Wait a minute! Did you count the cookie dough you ate too? If you factor in the dough, how many did you eat?

I don't have any trouble staying out of homemade cookies and cupcakes because by the time I finish eating the batter or dough, I'm fairly nauseated.

Love your home!

Mikalah said...

I love your house, Holly! It is so adorable and well put together. I also love that coffee table, how cool that it's been in your family for so long. It's great when things have sentimental value too. Thanks for the tour! Can you mail me some cookies? =D

Kelly said...

Thanks for the pictures, just wishing I could pop in for a real visit.

Speedy Lady said...

Your home looks homey and beautiful! I love what you did with the old school desk. And I love all of your little Holly touches, here and there. Thank you for sharing. I wanna cookie!!! :)

Val said...

Love your sewing machine! The entire house is very cozy, and very clean! Please please tell me that you did a quick pick up around the place before taking those pictures, or I might have to go home, hide under the covers, and cry.

Ann said...

That was fun ... and such a neat idea. Your home is warm and inviting ... thanks for inviting us all in to visit.

Chatty Crone said...

What a great home. So clean too. Love your colors - seems perfect to me.

Where are you moving?

And I don't think you'd see my home - you'd see my grandson's toys everywhere!

Love, sandie

lifeinredshoes said...

Dear Holly, I love you. I love your home. I love the cabinet in your living room by the lovely sofa's. I love your sewing machine, I also have an old family treddle, not as lovely as yours.
I also love that you have a real kitchen, the kind that women like us actually cook in....and use to bake beautiful jam thumb print cookies.
Why do you go to bed at 6:30 p.m.? That's when the evening is just beginning?
I love your red blanket, but wonder why people that live where it rarely gets below 200 degrees even need one? And no, I never ever exagerate. How do you spell that?
I will attempt to do a tour of my home in the future, using your step by step tutorial will make the process much easier ;)

Denise said...

your house is cute, and looks inviting (minus cat vomit).

i REALLY love the school desk as a side table in the living room. LOOOVVVVEE IT! want to go find my own NOW!

we moved recently, but just before i did i did a house tour. you can see it here http://victoryrd.blogspot.com/2011_08_01_archive.html

Tammy said...

Such a comfy house to be in! =)

Anonymous said...

I am a junkie and peeping tom blogger for home tours! Did one of my own a couple of years ago on my blog. We lived in Arizona until 2007, so I love seeing an Arizona home. Yours is VERY cute!

Debi@7Gates said...

I'm cathing up tonight in blog world and decided to take the Holly house tour. I feel this is a cottage home that should be in Maine and not Arizona. I think I could live here. I have one of those "magic rooms" where it all happens or doesn't happen. To tour my home, I would have to clean for 2 weeks first, rent my family out, send the animals on a vacation, and hire a photographer.

Debbie Kay said...

Holly, YOU ARE SOOOOO REAL! A one of a kind, transparent, REAL person.....hard to find ones like you out there. Thank you for bringing me back to reality. After all, we all dont live life on the pages on decorating magazines, we just sit and look at them right? LOL


Debbie Kay