Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

Can we talk about this here empty cup?
I love Yoppi Frozen Yogurt.
I had the fat-free
boysenberry with fresh
raspberries and strawberries.
It was delightful.
I ate the whole thing an hour ago.
I'm ready for another please.

On another note,
I won something.
Dina blogs over at
I love the name of her blog.
She held a giveaway for digital scrap booking software.

I won it and downloaded it this morning
but haven't had a chance to play with it yet.
Thanks again, Dina.
Winning is so much better than not winning!

Again, on another note,
(there may be many notes)
I'm going through my closet and sorting through
my fall/winter clothes.
And I've come to this revelation.
I have no idea how to dress.
I didn't get the fashion gene.
I don't know how to put an outfit together.
They should do garanimals for the 40 somethings.

Yet another note,
have you seen the weather here in the devil's playground
that we call Phoenix?

Ok, forget what I said
about not having any fashion sense.
I look totally hot in that red dress.

Ok, last note.
I saw a tutorial this morning on this blog.
I had no idea that the box at the top of our blogs
were search boxes for the blogs we are on.


If you are on my blog and want to find
all the posts where I mention the word "cookies",
then just type in the word "cookies" up there and
it searches my blog and gives you those posts.
All 10,000 cookie posts.

Or if you are looking for the post where I talked
then you could just type in "New York"
and all posts with New York in them will pop up.

You probably knew that huh?
Well, I didn't and I can tell you that
I have spent a lot of time searching through archives
on other's blogs looking for something
in particular.

I think I'm now out of notes.



Anonymous said...

you look smashing in that red dress, I have no fashion sense I do know that.I hate shopping for clothes, hate it.I wear the same styles for years.If you have any tips you learn pass them on.I didn't know about the computer thingy,, now I do thankyou for that.Congratulations on winning the download softwear, I can't wait to see what you do with it,do you have any idea what the meaning of your word verification is,, its a doozie

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Hey I'm wearing the same jumper as those two girls! Does that mean I'm "in"? Ugh, hate clothes shopping, everyone in my department is wearing a company t-shirt, I need a few of those:@)

just call me jo said...

I'm impressed with that picture of your blog down there where you show that other thing I didn't know about the searching for topics. You are sooo smart, Holly Blevins. No. You are! I'd take my hat off to you, but I don't wear a hat 'cause it would smash my new do that I still don't style the way Chlelsea did. Life is so complicated. I say dress any way you want. I think you look fetching always. Fetching, I say...
(You had a lot of notes there, Holly Girl.)

ain't for city gals said...

I used to have fashion sense and even a little went the way with my social graces and more. Trying to get them back..we will see. Good luck with your garage sale...I would come but i had a hissy fit with myself this week as in where did all this stuff come from!! Love your little Holly Blevins originals!

Bethany said...

I have no fashion sense either. Often I'll wear something I think is just so marvelous and my sister will say "umm....what's this decision?" It's only when I look back in photos that I'm hit with the "ugh!" of it all.

Genn said...

LOL as always Aunt Hol!!!
Yes, you do look totally hot in that dress!
And is that you in your orginal drawing drinking a beer in that red dress? Love it.
And yes, dumb weather, it was 102 here today! What, even hotter than your neck of the woods? Blah. I had to have my pumpkin latte iced before work. Double blah.

I did not know that about the search box, so thanks for that tip!
I'm gonna go look for your 10,000 cookie recipes now...

A Vintage Green said...

Holy Cow ! Who knew that search box was for our personal blog posts. I didn't. I am going to link you on my next post so other people can read about it too.
- Joy

Kris said...

OMG..blogging has taken a back seat for me these past two days! I have been playing word for friends on my ipad!! LIKE CONSTANTLY!!!
Yep, you are one hot Mama in red!
Only in the 90' are a baby! We hit 103 today.
We have had Yogurtland for two nights in a row!!!
Hope you are doing great!!!

Anonymous said...

Garanimals for kids- LOL that seriously cracked me up.
No I didn't know it was a search box either. Thanks for sharing :)

Pat MacKenzie said...

How lucky to win the digital scrapbooking thingy. Have fun with it. Thanks too for the search information - good to know. I like your little cartoons too.

Mikalah said...

You do look lovely in red. =) And is that beer? At 8 am? Hehe. I had to click over to your New York post- hilarious! You just crack me up!

Anonymous said...

Yes you do look hot in that red dress! Hahaha So stinkin hot again bleh. Good thing there is refreshing fro yo near by at least hah?

Anonymous said...

A lot of my choices are based on what doesn't itch ...... it's the bane of my life that as an avid knitter wool makes me itch!!

Linda said...

I think you're quite the babe in that red dress!! I had no idea about that box in blogger...I never even noticed observant am I?? Frozen yogurt is wonderful...but that entails leaving the house and the A/C which by the way is back on!! Crazy weather!!

Dina said...

shut the front door!!! I totally had no idea that searchy thingy was there. Now that I have learned something for the day I can go home!

deb said...

I love starting my day to your blog.....!!!!!!!!!
its so dang hot here again too, spose to be 100 today...but cooling off this weekend, ugh, I just want to lit a candle and bake!!!!!

A Gracious Home said...

I love your pictures. I have never seen that yogurt before. I haven't explored the new blog design yet. I guess I need to.

Betsy said...

Garanimals for adults--I've said that so many times! We need them! I basically buy black pants and a colored top for work--easy mix and match. And jeans and t-shirts or sweatshirts for weekends. Boring. My kids say they are going to nominate e for What Not to Wear. I agree with Gilda. Thanks for always making me laugh!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Ugh we have been in the 100s the last two days. Is supposed to be cooling down today. Did I tell you before that I love your new blog look. You guys came back from blog sugar and made such cute changes to your blogs. I love the color. It is so you!

Whosyergurl said...

Let me know what you think of that software. They offered to do a give-away on my blog and I didn't take them up on it. Sometimes I'm too suspicious like "is this a scam?" ;-)
xo, Cheryl

Katherines Corner said...

I love my visits to your blog!!!this post made me smile LARGE! Sending big hugs your way xo

Bev said...

I used to know how to dress. I also used to know what size I wore, but now I have a variety of sizes in my closet that may or may not fit on any given day.

I walked into my office one day and a friend said, "Bev, I really admire your willingness to take a fashion risk."

I suppose that says it all. But on the positive side, not a thing I had on was itchy.

Beth @ Dirty Laundry said...

Wow, I did NOT know that about that there searcher up there. Thank you, ma'am.