Wednesday, January 26, 2011

She doesn't like Frank Lloyd Wright

Let me first say, I do not have permission to use these photos.  I stole them.
This is Val.  Isn't she just the cutest?

I love the name of her blog.

Val has a love for historic homes, vintage hats, and basically anything old which is why I think she likes me.  You do like me don't you, Val?  She doesn't like Frank Lloyd Wright but then, who really does?

A little while ago, Val hosted a giveaway and I was one of the winners.  Dontcha just love that?

I was so excited to see her package in the mailbox this morning.

Here's what was inside:

How cute is this handmade tote bag?  It's perfect for my trips to the library.
Not only that, she filled the bag full of goodies.  I was so surprised to see that she also sent me:

Three yards of gorgeous fabric and two apron patterns.  Now does this girl know me or what???  I love the fabric, the colors are so pretty and I can't wait to create something with it and to try out these patterns.  She also knew that I enjoyed making cards so she also filled my bag with scrapbook paper.  The really good stuff.  Valentines patterns.
What a doll!
Thanks so so very much Val .
I love ya!



Laraine Eddington said...

Weeee, I have the same apron patterns and just bought some new fabric today.

Melynda said...

So cool! Hi Val (just in case she is looking for more friends).

Kris said...

She is a cutie!! I just discovered her blog too!! What a fun bag of goodies!!!!

Val said...

Holly -

You are so SWEET! Thank you so much for all of the kind words. And I LOVE your comment about Wright - we must be soul mates! I'm glad that you like everything, and I look forward to seeing a picture, maybe, of what you create with the fabric. Happy apron sewing!

Val xoxo

P.S. Hi Melynda! I'd love to be friends! :)

corners of my life said...

She is a vintage girl indeed and oh so cute. Lucky you to have won that fun giveaway.

Tammy said...

How sweet!!!!