Sunday, January 30, 2011

Keep Your Enemies Closer

Don’t get me wrong….I am grateful for the award bestowed upon me by Melynda over at Mom's Sunday Cafe. Melynda’s blog is lot of fun. My favorite posts of hers are her “What I am Not Eating Wednesdays.” You seriously need to go check those out. The recipes are hideous and some of them will stick in my head forever. Like the Jellied Meat Ring made with Bologna and lemon Jello.
I have no idea what I have done to deserve this award, but I accept it with grace. YOU LIKE ME! YOU REALLY LIKE ME!

That said, there are rules to follow in order for me to accept this award and this is why I should have been watching Melynda more closely. I should not have turned my back on her. For I really want this award. Almost as much as I want those new boots from DSW, so I must follow the rules. I’m not a rule follower by nature.

My work begins. Here is what I must do before I am allowed to accept it. (I’m seriously considering just grabbing the thing and running out the back door before anyone can see me).

* Post linking back to the person that gave you the award.

* Share 7 random things about yourself.

* Award 15 recently discovered bloggers.

* Drop them a note, and tell them about it!

And away we go. Seven Random things about me.

1) When my daughter was 14 I allowed her to hang a poster of a half-naked Johnny Depp on her bedroom wall because I was too embarrassed to hang it in my room.

2) I learned how to pee standing up like a boy on a camping trip three years ago. And no, I will not be posting about that.

3) I let my dog use my husband’s pillow to lay her head on when my husband is at work and then I flip it over before he comes to bed.

4) I have the same pink nail polish on my toes from a pedicure that I got 5 months ago. It’s grown out so much that it now looks like I have a French pedicure.

5) I’ve been known to fake depression just to get attention.

6) My daughter wants a teacup pig and I told her that’s just silly but I’m secretly hoping she gets one and will name him Fergus.

7) When I was six years old I had a crush on Gene Autry.

That was painful.

The really hard part is deciding who the recently discovered blogger award recipients should be. Melynda used some of my favorites. I would really love to name Melynda again so she has to tell us more random stuff about herself.

1) Erica over at Why Yes, I Should Be Doing Something Else!  Erica is a card maker, a jewelry maker and a mom. I found Erica’s blog by doing a Google search for craft rooms. Hers knocked me out.
Check it Out here.

2)  Cindy over at It's a Chick Thing.  I know Cindy in real life.  I love her, she is my twin.  She shares my love of all things vintage.   She quilts and hikes and decorates like I wish I could.  

3)  Ella at Lifeologia.  Ella is just a sweet, sweet person who leaves the nicest comments.  She's a graphic designer and an amazing photographer.  She never says anything mean about my horrible photography skillz.  The pictures of her gorgeous daughter always make me smile.

4)  Tammy at Pink is Not My Favorite Color.  Tammy is my cousin, daughter, niece, something.  Somehow we are kind of related.  She is a wife and the mommy to two adorable children.  She makes adorable little tutu's for her daughter and I love trying out her recipes.  Go visit her blog and tell her that her Aunt Holly says hi.

5)  Val at The Victorians Didn't Even Like Pink.  I wrote a post about Val a few days ago.  I was the winner in one of her giveaways.  Val is awesome and I love her sense of style although I am slightly jealous that she can pull off wearing some seriously fantastic hats that I only dream about.

6)  Dawn at My Two Sons.  Dawn is a stay at home mom of two lively and adorable little boys.  You have got to check out the picture on her January 28th post.  How is that for adorable?  I love her budgeting and Menu plans on Mondays.

7)  Jessica at How About Orange.  I have never been a fan of orange until I found her.  Now I realize that orange is my happy color.  Do you remember the paper birds that I made the other day when I was supposed to be working and I almost got fired?  I found them here at her site.  I dare you to look at her blog and not be happy.  It's impossible.  Orange Rocks!

8)  Ashley at A Forty Year Old Ranch.  Ashley and her husband bought a 40 year old ranch and have been doing some amazing things there.  She loves vintage and is so crafty.  Just check out her master bathroom redo.

9)  My Mink Betty. This is a fun blog about thrift store and vintage finds.  She once found a mink with the name "Betty" written on the label.  Hence, the blog name.  If you like Pyrex, you will love this cute little blog.

10)  Taylor at The Lumberjack's wife.  I'm almost afraid to write this one because Taylor is the one I have voted the most likely to retaliate.  I feel she is like the blog mafia and "knows" people who might come to get me.   She's very busy homeschooling her children in the middle of nowhere with crazy men knocking at her door and she may be wee very angry for having to do all the work in order to accept her award.  However, I have decided it's worth it because I just couldn't leave her out.  I laugh out loud everyday at her random posts.  Her life is nuts.  She makes me feel sane.  I love her for that.
11)  Kris at Simplify.  This will come as no surprise to anyone who reads my blog.  I talk about her a lot and steal borrow her recipes.  I love this girl, she's my soul sister.  She's a wonderful cook, grandmother and she is so crafty.  I would love for you to check out her Etsy store.

12)   Sweet Mary at Corners of My Life.  We were possibly separated at birth.  We share the love of family, sewing, making our own laundry soap and cooking.  Go check her out and see how cute her new grandson is.

13)  Jenny at Taking Two.  Her story fills my heart with a warm gooey caramel type substance.  You have got to read her story about the adoption of her two absolutely precious twin boys.   Stock up on Kleenex first.  Jenny is my newest find in the blog world and I just love her so much already.  I want to be her real life friend and I want to cuddle with those babies!

14)  Yanet at Three Sun Kissed Boys.  There are many reason that I enjoy reading this blog but I love Yanet because she is a dumpster diver.  How could you not love that?   You need to go over and check out her home tour and see the man cave.  However, if you are married, don't let your husband see this page.  You'll never hear the end of it.

15)  Lissa at Humble Pie.  I must admit that this is not a new blog find for me.  I've been following her for some time but I wanted to get her in here because I love, love, love her.   I want to be her when I grow up (even though she's years younger than I am).  Her home is gorgeous, her kids are gorgeouser.  Yes, I said that.  She's real.  I think that's the very best thing anyone can say about a fellow blogger.

Well, that's 15.  You have no idea how hard it is to pick out only 15 bloggers when you spend your days blog surfing and find wonderful new things every day.   These were not written in order of importance.  I love and respect each and every one of you.  I appreciate every single post you offer and every comment you've ever given.

I'm tired now.  This was a very long blog post.  I love you Melynda and thanks again for the award and for helping me navigate through this crazy blogging business (I didn't know how to put the button on my sidebar).  I'm dumb like that.  I appreciate it but I will also find a way to get you back.



Melynda said...

I love this! (not cause you mentioned my name, cause usually that means I'm in trouble) Now I have 15 new friends to look up and say howdy to and see how they live life. That is the best part of this whole "award" which as you have so delicately stated in your own wonderful way, is a lot of work, but hey the friend finding is easy, for everyone else. You done good!

Kris said...

Hey Holly...we are out the middle of the desert
In the motor home. I have my iPad so ican read
Blogs. About the blog award.....I am flattered, honored, humbled, and a torch bit tempted to play along, however, I have recently declined two such awards for the sake of it coming around and going around in fielded to the point of
It being an impossible abyss to escape. My "instead" ting is going to be to feature new and exciting blogs from time to time...on my own blog so others can discover their creativity like I have. Loved your kind words and I love you, my soul sister. Thank you for the shout out, my friend. And thank you for the nomination.....hope you forgive me for not playing along!

Kris said...

Ps. I am typing on my iPad with my 3GS old grandson jumping on me. Sorry for the bad typos that make no sense!!!

Lissa said...

Thank you Holly! Thank you for your kind words. thank you for saying my kids are gorgeouser!

I have a brown french pedi. similar to yours...

corners of my life said...

You are just the most fun blogger I have "met". Thanks for this great award but I can't possibly post 7 random thought about myself because in reality, I am just plain boring (not to mention a bit shy).

I did however love your random thoughts and agree that your blog deserved this award. I am a faithful visitor and look forward to your future posts.

Now I am headed back to vist your other award winners.

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

Thank you for the kind words, Holly! I've enjoyed my visit to all your awardees (is that a word?).

BTW, I think teacup piglets are just adorable!!

Sandra said...

haha! That's brilliant letting your daugther post naked Johnny Depp...I've tried and tried to get my daughter to post Robert Pattinson in her room, but she's not falling for it. I get to look at Justin Bieber...yawn...

jenny said...

Holly! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU! Seriously... means a whole lot to me! And you SOOO did deserve that award... and your SOOO did a great job at going through every detail and following award orders. ! Wear that button with pride friend!

Ashley said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me, Holly! I really appreciate it! I have never heard of a teacup piglet before. But I am kind of intrigued now :) Thanks again!

ella@lifeologia said...

Well thank you Holly.
I decided to play an abbreviated version ;)

klutzymama said...

#1 on your random list cracked me up! That sounds like something I would/will do.