Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blog Stalking

Good Morning!
I've been blog stalking. 
I've been hiding in your bushes and looking through your virtual windows.
Here's what I am loving this week.
Shaunna's kitchen at Perfectly Imperfect.

I've got some spring cleaning to do today which should keep me pretty busy.
I have all my supplies in a bucket that I carry from room to room.

Looks like fun!

You're jealous huh?



Melynda said...

it's already spring where you live?

jenny said...

I forgot to do my "fall cleaning". My "winter cleaning".... and I'm sooo impressed you are about to do your "spring cleaning".

Kris said...

Jealous of those pretty kitchens...not the cleaning! Have fun! said...

Love the pics but don't get the microwave on the bottom shelf. It makes my back hurt to look at it.

jenny said...

Oh Holly... thank you for your words.... you have blessed me!!!

Tammy said...

Love me some blog stalking!! =) Can't wait to go see what they have. Those kitchens are beautiful. Have fun with the cleaning. =P

Dawn said...

when your done you want to come here? I never get any "spring" cleaning done when it takes to much time just to continually pick up after two rugrats! Ah the dream of a clean house, odds of that are about as good as the lottery.

Cindy said...

Have fun with the cleaning. great weather for it. We need to hook up some time. Have a great day my friend!!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

I love the kitchen lights in Yvestown Blog, don't you?