Friday, January 7, 2011


Today is my big cleaning day.  I like to relax as much as possible on the weekends so I usually do my big cleaning jobs on Fridays.  I went to do a load of laundry this morning and when I opened the washing machine I decided that the dirty clothes were probably cleaner than my washing machine.  Gross, I know.  How is it that I never really noticed, like it just happened overnight? 

During the summer I hang my clothes to dry outside and use my homemade laundry detergent and I don't need fabric softener with that so it doesn't really get gunky.  But during the winter I use my dryer a lot and I use fabric softener, the liquid kind, the kind that smells really good, but makes a huge mess over time in the washing machine.

Go look in your washing machine.  Really look, like around the top of the porcelain basket.  Is there a ring there?  Look in your bleach cuppy thing-a-ma-bob.  I had cat hair in mine (just keeping it real), and look in your fabric softener filler-upper-thingy.  Is it goopy?  Did you really go and look?  If you did and yours is clean, then just go away and have a catty conversation with your friends about the blog lady who's washing machine was disgustingly similar to a hazardous waste dump.
(not my actual washing machine, thank you very much)

I used these:
I removed the softener and bleach cups and put them in a sink full of hot soapy water.  I filled the washing machine basin with hot water and added 2 cups of vinegar and let it agitate for a couple of minutes.  Then I turned the machine off and let it sit for about an hour.  I drained the basin and the scrubbed the inside with a paste of Mule Team Borax and water. I used my scrubber sponge and the toothbrush that the vet gave me to brush my dog's teeth.  (Like that's gonna happen).  Then I ran a full cycle on hot with about 1 cup of Mule Team Borax.  I scrubbed the cups and put them back in. 

All done.  Now my clothes are dirtier than my washing machine and I don't want to put them in there.  No laundry done today.

On a side note, I went thrifting yesterday and found this cute little vintage cake cover.  I just love that the paint is coming off the handle.  I know that I shouldn't be using my flash but I don't know how to turn it off yet and I have not yet read the manual.  (I know, hanging head in shame).

I think it looks cute with my Fiestaware plate and bowl.

It's pretty sad when your friend Kris is posting exciting details about her adventures attending cooking classes and all I have to talk about is cleaning my washing machine. 



Tammy said...

Ugh. I really need to do that to my washer and dish washer. We have really hard water and it ruins everything. I love love love the cake cover! Super cute!! And your posts are super exciting to me!! =) I go through withdraws when you don't post. HeHe. . . .

Kris said...

I do that to my washer periodically. I am a neat freak. Sorry, but true! Just ask my children!
Love your cake dome. I wish we could go thrifting together! I have a wonderful vintage shop near me. I only get to go occasionally, what with my grandson and all, but I do always find something wonderful! Oh, on my camera, I almost never use the flash, it is so much nicer. For me on the Nikon D60, it is the dial just below the auto dial. But I think you are using a Rebel, no? Happy Friday Friend!

Cindy said...

I don't know why I can't find cute stuff like that in the thrift stores. You have an eye for it!!! said...

I feel better just reading about your shining washing machine. I would probably feel even better if I followed your example.

Corners of My Life said...

I too have quite a "ring around the collar" in my washer's basin. I use homemade laundry soap and have recently wondered if that is the cause. I am curious abour your soap recipe - here is mine:

Amanda- Hip House Girl said...

If I don't look at the nasty in my washing mashine, it doesn't exist. I'm sticking to that.

Also, congrats on 4 years! :-)

Karen said...

I'd rather read YOUR acounts of a grubby washing machine than words about a cooking class any day....thanks for brightening my morning!!! Now go get that washing done or it will pile up and you won't get thru till spring!!!
Hope you have a teriffic weekend!

Queen of...Whatever said...

Now listen....One Hoosier to another.....Is this an old washing machine or a fairly new one? Quite frankly that sewage picture frightened me.
BTW...nice apron on Kris's blog.