Sunday, July 27, 2014

So Far....I am Surviving This.

Once upon a time
I had two dogs
and enough dog hair in my carpet
to make at least one more.

Ranger, my yellow lab,
is a shedder.
June Bug, our newest edition,
is still learning all about
doggie doors and potty training.

Can you say, EEWWWWWW!

Last week after one June Bug accident,
I lost my cool and decided to call
our friend Phillip
who is an awesome tile layer and 
just get a quote.

I'd been looking at flooring for
quite some time.
I love the look of wood but know it 
wouldn't be practical for us.

I found wood look tile and
did some research on it and it really
seemed to be the perfect solution for us.

We have a pool
and a Lab who loves to swim
and he usually has wet paws
or muddy paws,
or dusty paws.

I called Phillip thinking maybe I
could get a quote and then mull things over
for a few weeks
and make a decision.

Phillips said, I'll be over in a few minutes
to measure and give you a quote.
Um, okay.

He came and gave us a very fair price
for labor.
Then he said,
"I can start ripping all this out tomorrow."
It just so happened that he had a break between jobs
and could either fit us in RIGHT NOW
or we would have to wait a few months.

I looked at the carpet and said,
"Rip it Out!"
And I didn't even have my tile picked out,
nor did I have a price for it.
But I didn't care.
I decided that living on concrete
was better than what I had been dealing with.

I did all this without discussing this with my husband.
This is something I would never do.
We always make large financial decisions together.

When he came home from work, I told him about 
what I had done.
He said, "Can we afford this?"
I told him, "Probably not."

We decided to do it anyway.
He was just as grossed out with the carpet as I was.
These were desperate times.

I went to Floor and Decor right away
and found a tile that I really liked.
Brought home the sample and placed it up against the walls
and counter tops.
It was a winner.

 All pics are from my iPhone, so we are blurry right now.
And my lens is probably dusty.

It was also very affordable.
Three pallets were delivered the next day.
Trying to get the same die lot was a little tricky 
and we actually had to go with three different die lots.
Fortunately, when they arrived,
they were all great.

We are having the entire house done in this tile.
Every single room.
All 1587 square feet of it.

Phillip showed up the next day and got to work.

We have been wanting to change out the flooring since
we moved into this house a year and a half ago
but couldn't do it at that time.

The kitchen was pergo.
Under the pergo was old glued down linoleum.
The living areas and bedrooms were all carpet.
The bathrooms were tile.

The kitchen, laundry room,
living room, dining room,
hallway and guest bath were all ripped out on Friday.

He is doing the bedrooms, my office
and our master bath after the front part of the house is complete
so we have don't have to move every piece of furniture out
of the house.
We can just shift things from room to room.

We have some major foundation cracks but he is taking
care of that.

We then decided that we probably should redo the baseboards
as long as we are at it.
I also have a friend that does cabinets, doors and trim.
I called him up
and asked him to come and give us a quote.
We are going from 2 1/2 inch baseboards
to 4 1/4 inch.
Again, Brian says, "Can we afford this?"
I respond, "Not really."

This was under the Pergo.
Pain in the butt to get out.

So here we are,
living in the dust bowl.

Seriously, we have a lot of our furniture on the back patio,
and have had two major dust storms 
since putting it out there.

We believe the tile will take about a week and a half
to complete.

So for right now,
we are eating out a lot 
and bringing food home.
Because my entire house is like this right now.

Wish me luck!



Melynda Brown said...

Hi, long time no see you! I can't wait to see the "after" photos. We had the house painted and because of rain we were in a plastic masked environment for a week waiting for the job to be finished, whew so glad to see pure daylight again.

Lisa Tucker said...

Yea!! I was so happy when I saw this post!! I love your response to your hubby when he asked if you could afford If we wait for that then nothing would ever get The downside is the dust but I can't wait to see the finished product!!!! I love the wood look tile! Good luck and keep us in the loop....:))))) Hugs!!

Tammy said...

Cannot wait to see pictures when it's all done!! Frank and I have the same conversation when it comes to stuff like that. lol

Linda said...

This is going to be wonderful!


Good Luck. It'll be terrific when it's complete. Hang in there.

Kris said...

Oh Holly, you lucky, lucky girl!!!! I would love to get rid of all our carpet! Dogs and carpet do not mix!!! My carpet reeks!!! Hooray for you! I am so excited for you! Can't wait to see it when done!!
XO Kris

Robyn said...

So good to see you again Holly! I would check from time to time but there was nothing.. Was concerned maybe something had happened to you.. GOOD LUCK with all the flooring. I have 6 dogs and just replaced the carpeting in my bedroom and living room. Just have the den to go. For us even though I hate the carpeting we can't afford anything else at the moment.. Can't wait to see how it all turns out!!.Hope you won't stay away so long..

Ashley said...

I am positive our carpet is absolutely disgusting with a cat, a dog, and an almost 7 year old, even though it looks clean! We have been throwing around different flooring options and of course the "we can't afford it right now" pops out but that really isn't the case. We just have other things we need to get, like a new dishwasher, or that new RV that we just bought in May! Ha! Anyhoo I can't wait to hear what you think of the wood tile...just might be the route we go!

Deb~in~Denver said...

Holly, so good to see a post from you! I can't wait to see the "after" pictures! I would love to re-do all of our flooring, too! I love the wood look tile. We have Pergo in the kitchen and I do like it but I would like to have everything match. We have off white carpeting in the rest of the house...I have NO idea what we were thinking when we did that! With 2 dogs and 2 grandkids, it gets spot cleaned, a lot! Enjoy your new flooring, it will seem like a brand new house!

Kartika dwi sari said...
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