Tuesday, October 8, 2013

In The Poor House

Not to be confused with a whore house.

Although, living in a whore house would
certainly be more exciting.

I've always believed that if there were such a thing as a past life,
I would have either been a 
Madame of a Ladies House of Ill Repute,
a Lounge Singer,
or Jessica Rabbit.

Either way, I would have been kinda slutty.

Alas, I am not.

I am just a middle aged women living in a house that is trying to kill me.
Financially, that is.

Let me start by telling you that there are so many things
that I love about this house.

I love my kitchen.
It's small and easy to work in.
I have a place for everything.

 I love my back yard.
Even though caring for it is very time consuming.

 I love that I have that ash tree there between the two patios.
The leaves change to orange and red in the fall and remind me of Indiana.

I love all the storage in this house.

However, since buying this home almost a year ago,
it is being a total douche canoe.

I am so grateful that we have a home warranty.

In the past year, this is what we have experienced.

Leak under the jetted tub causing damage to bedroom carpet.
Toilet leaking all over the bathroom floor.
Air conditioner going out twice.
Evaporative cooler going out.
Water softener leak.
Leak in the roof causing damage to bedroom ceiling.
Garage door opener calling it quits.
Tree in front yard infested with bore beetles.
Sprinkler system not working.
Polybutelene pipes replaced in garage.
Pool pump needing repair
Leak in the pool fountain

You may be asking yourself why we didn't get an inspection
prior to moving in.

We did, and all was fine.

Like I said, I am so thankful to have a home warranty
so that many of these things were covered and didn't
cost a lot out of pocket.

We have put ourselves back on a really strict budget.
Our paychecks just don't stretch like they used to.
Times are hard.
Money is tight.
The only shopping I do is at the grocery.
I don't go out for lunches.
Budgets are hard and boring.

But still, I sit here in my living room,
with my TV on mute,
listening for any strange noise that may indicate 
that the next shoe has dropped.

Seriously, how many shoes can this house have???!!

Brian:  Did you hear that?
Holly:  Yes, it was just the ice maker.
Brian:  Is it supposed to sound like that?
Holly:  I think we have heavy ice.
Brian:  That's not a real thing.
Holly:  Turn the TV up.




just call me jo said...

Yes, for heavens sake--turn the TV up. Don't leave it on mute. Life is kind of sucky everywhere. I'm in a dither daily and when not in a dither I'm depressed. Works out nicely. Every day is full of something. Being a homeowner is fabulous.

Ann said...

Oh, so much fun! You surely have been through the wringer so to speak with your house but maybe that means that you'll have everything that could go wrong fixed and the next few years will be a piece of cake. Here's hoping.

Melynda and Terry, we are the Browns! said...


Anonymous said...
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Valerie Smith said...

Oh hon I know how you feel. Now multiply that by 10 acres and I'm there. It will get better surely.


Cottage Making Mommy

Ashley said...

Boo that sucks! But ahhh, your pool and patio area. We have been looking at bigger houses to see what is out there and if anything jumps out at us. Last weekend we went looking at all the open houses in our town just for fun. Of course our favorite had a pool. It would be perfect for us! Would have been a strict budget type of house but it could be done.

Anonymous said...

Is this where that horrible phrase "when it rains it pours" comes in handy? Not that it helps, but somehow stuff breaking usually comes in waves. Perhaps your wave is over now and you can relax.
And I agree with Jo. Turn off the mute button and up the sound to 35.

I can see you as Jessica Rabbit......maybe it's the hair.

Tammy said...

That's how one of my rentals has been since our new tenant moved in. I feel your pain!


A house is a bottomless pit for taking money. Hang in there and enjoy the little things.

Linda said...

Houses are like that sometimes...seems like there's always something to take your money here...I love you kitchen...its beautiful!! have a great day!!

deb said...

yikes girl...so sorry.....sounds like my car lol....but that HOUSE is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! once all the kinks are out you will love it!!!!! hang in there! glad your back blogging...

Laraine Eddington said...

You need a house elf like Dobby. It is the one part of Harry Potter that I really wish were real. I dream of having a Dobby.

RoeH said...
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Lisa Tucker said...

Oh how I have missed you!!! Welcome back welcome back!! I love how your brain works....which means I love all of your posts....:)

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Wow! Your home *looks* gorgeous, but maaann, it IS giving you fits! Hope you get all the bugs worked out soon so you can just sit back and enjoy it -- without turning up the TV to drown out troubling noises! :D

Lisa Tucker said...

3 months!!!! Really?!!!! Come back!!!!!!!