Saturday, May 4, 2013

Been Gone a Long Long Time

Hi Everyone!
Remember me?

I know, it's been a while.

I've been keeping myself busy around the house lately.
The weather here has been toasty.
We had our first triple digit number last week.
I think we were at 101 degrees last Wednesday.

I've been enjoying spending some time outside
working in the yard.
It's not been too bad and when I do get hot
I have to say I sure am enjoying this baby.

The garden is growing like crazy.
I have more lettuce than I know what to do with.

The tomatoes are growing so fast.
These Big Boy Varieties are about the size of my fist right now.

My first bell pepper.

Our hibiscus are looking good right now.
I wasn't sure this one was going to make it
but with a little loving care
she's turning out beautiful blooms.

We have four bird feeders in our back yard.
We live in bird central.
I fill these large feeders in the mornings and by the afternoon,
all four of them are empty.

Next to the feeders,
I keep suet cake cases.
When I ran out of suet cakes,
I began filling them with bits of yarn
and I like to watch the birds come and grab some
for their nests.

We have two back patios.
The main one runs almost the length of the house,
the other is under a Ramada next to the pool.

The Ramada patio has been empty since we've moved in
since we didn't have enough patio furniture.
Last weekend we finally found a good sale and now
have some furniture in there.

I'd like to make some new pillows to brighten up the space.

The flowers on the table are so pretty.

I love the contrast of the lime green sweet potato vine
with the dark green of the vincas.

I've been busy inside too.

No, I still haven't redone my bedroom.
I'm still pretending it doesn't exist.
I do have to get on that shortly though.

I've been working on some smaller projects.

Remember my pantry jars?

I love these jars but I find that I'm constantly
in and out of the pantry grabbing them.

I don't like a lot of stuff on the counters
but I wanted these to be more accessible.

As you can see,
they had the original shiny silver lids 
with key tags for labels.

If I wanted them on the counters,
they would need an update.

I sprayed the lids with
Oiled Bronze Spray Paint.
Then I attached oiled bronze knobs to the tops
with E6000 glue.

I found the free printable labels
over here at The Painted Hive.

I didn't have the right label paper to print it out on
but I did have some clear contact paper
so I used that.
I found out the hard way that even after they sit
for an hour, the ink does not dry
very well on the contact paper
and it smudges very easily.

I redid the labels and this time
hit each one with a shot of hairspray.
It worked.
As soon as the hairspray was dry,
the labels didn't smudge.
I just peeled the back off the contact paper 
and applied them to the jars.

They look so much better in my kitchen now.

And one last thing.
Katie's dear sweet boyfriend, Travis,
is home from his third tour in Afghanistan.
We have been so thrilled he is home safe and sound.

Of course,
I haven't seen very much of my Katie lately.
She's been busy with this guy, I guess.

Have a great weekend!





No wonder we haven't heard from you. You've been busy. LOVE all your blooms. And the furniture is very nice.

Lisa Tucker said...

F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!!! And.......I hate have been so busy and everything looks so wonderful! O.K...I think we may can work out a tree for your pool and....I get to sit on your patio....:))))))) Now...back to hating you.....;)

RoeH said...

My goodness you have been a busy girl. I could never grow those vegetables. Gardening hates me. Or vice-versa. And the jars with flour sugar etc? They are so cute. I have that too - except that I got a Sharpie and printed Flour Sugar etc on them. Doesn't look near as cute as yours do. I'm so non-artistic. When they passed that gene out before birth, I was in the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

I've been out of the blogging loop, too. Seems Spring has sprung around here, too. Although your garden is way more developed than mine!
I think I'm ordering Big Boy tomatoes from Burpee this week. Nobody around here carries them....they are do delish!
Lovely'll be spending lots of time out there and in that pool!
What a lovely home you've created for your sweetie and you. Well, except for the bedroom!
Katie and boyfriend are precious!
101? I'd melt. Or use your pool!
Nice to see you!

connie said...

Love the new patio furniture. Those jars are super. Love the labels and what a great idea to add the knobs. I bet you are enjoying all the goodies from your garden

Kris said...

So happy your future son in law is home safe and sound.
The pool looks so inviting! And your garden is growing like gang busters!!
Love the new patio set!!!! So perfect!! XO Kris

Terri said...

You have a lovely blog Holly. I have had a good time looking around and reading your posts. I like the way you write about your life. I also enjoy seeing your ingenious fixes in your house, and your garden. You garden has really come along beautifully. And your first bell pepper looks great!

life in red shoes said...

Ummmm, I'm fighting that big green monster called ENVY right now! Your home, your yard, your patios, plural, YOUR POOL!!!!
Settle down Red, good thing you're so damn lovable Holly :)

Laraine Eddington said...

It's good to hear from you girl! Your house gets better and better. I like your style.

Ashley said...

Totally jealous. I have wanted a pool since I was a kid, maybe someday I will have one. You would have a hard time getting me inside too. Your backyard is looking wonderful and I am so happy your veggies are doing well! Last night I ran out and just plucked one of our little onions and used it in our green beans that we had with dinner. Love it!

Anonymous said...

your gardens look amazing, what a green thumb you have! I would be in that pool often too!
I like the jars make over, the labels are great,
your daughter is beautiful and she and her fella make a wonderful couple, very handsome young man,

Angela Betlewicz said...

I love your blog! I'm your newest follower. I can relate to your Katie. I married a Marine :)Also, I would love for you to share this at my new linky party!


Robyn said...

Yeah I'll say youve been busy!.. I LOVE your pool!..I can only imagine jumping right in that on such a hot day.. What a blessing!.. The garden looks wonderful.. Loving those tomatoes...The hibiscus are beautiful!!..Oh and LOVE the new furniture set!...

Your jars came out wonderfully!...My prayers for that young man that he comes home safely for good and soon.. Loved everything about this post Holly.. You have such a beautiful home inside and out..

Linda said...

I haven't been blogging or writing much myself have been busy! Such a clever girl transforming those jars...wonderful!! Your pool looks wonderful and I love the new furniture...comfy I bet! We got back this weekend from Northern California to 105...yuck! But it's cooled off about 10 degrees in the last 2 days. Have a wonderful day!!!

Pat MacKenzie said...

Hi Holly. So nice to visit with you again here. Your pool is lovely. I imagine you'll be spending lots of time in it during your long hot summer. Your tomatoes look delicious - the perfect color for making green tomato chow. We don't begin planting here until after the May long weekend - too much chance of frost any earlier. Have a fun relaxing weekend.

Mikalah said...

Holly, your yard looks amazing! Love the garden, the beautiful patio furniture, and that pool! Oh my goodness. I'm working on talking my hubby into buying a house with a pool someday, because I'm pretty sure I was a mermaid in another life. =)

Melynda and Terry, we are the Browns! said...

You are busy, but really, how ya doin'?

Willow said...

Was just popping in to say hello ...looks like you are busy having fun!

Valerie Smith said...

Oh I love your garden. I love to garden too. We just moved to our 10 acres so spending lots of time getting it spruced up. I'm your newest follower.


Cottage Making Mommy

RoeH said...

You and Jo are making people beg, aren't you. Did you both die and float away or something? Bwahaha!

corners of my life said...

Been Gone a Long Long Time
Still missing your posts . . .

Denise Z. said...

Miss you! Hope all is well and you're just taking a long summer break!

Anonymous said...

I'm missing you as well, come back to us holly,lol

Whosyergurl said...

Dear Sweet Holly,
Everything looks so beautiful. If I were you, I would never be in the house at all. (That is how it is in Indiana- in the summer, the house falls to the wayside as I am outdoors gardening every moment. I love your new patio furniture. I love your pool. I love how creative you have been with your jars. My, my, my, you are SO organized. Love it.

Anonymous said...

just checking in on u, take care,

Denise Z. said...

Thinking of you--miss you! Hope to see you soon!

ali said...

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