Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Grab It Fore It Bolts

The garden looks a little crazy right now.
New to gardening, 
we may not have planned it as well as we thought.
The potatoes have taken over.
Perhaps we planted too many.

Perhaps we have not a clue what we are doing.

We're hoping to see them flower and fall over soon
which will tell us that they are ready to harvest.

The lettuce is looking lovely though
and looks like it may bolt soon

so I picked some for a salad tonight.

They are soaking right now in my kitchen sink
in a bath of vinegar and cold water.

I'm not really fooled into thinking
that this will take care of every single tiny bug.
We will probably have a couple of bugs mixed in 
with our croutons.

You're not coming for dinner?

I'm having issues with our strawberry plants.
I don't think I provided enough drainage
and I should have mixed a little sand in with the soil.

See that strawberry?
That's what we are getting out of these.
Teensy, weensy.
Advice, anyone?

I've planted some sweet potato vines in 
a wine barrel in the yard.
Hopefully, we will have a nice trailing vine
this summer.

I thought for the longest time that
this thing was a weed
but stopped myself from pulling it out several times.

the beautiful Gerbera Daisies opened up.
So glad I didn't pull it out.

We bought three gardenia bushes
and planted them under the kitchen window
where they get plenty of shade.
Hard to come by here in Arizona.

Such pretty fragrant blooms!

We're looking at a high of 84 degrees today.
Low 90's for the weekend.

Can't wait to use this
for the first time!

Have a Happy Tuesday!!





Your garden is lovely. You have a little bit of everything in there. It was 21 here today. The 90's sound heaven sent.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

I'll bet you're thrilled to have the pool! No garden comments from me, I'm just going to enjoy seeing what grows. Have fun:@)

Melynda and Terry, we are the Browns! said...

A pool? That might be why your strawberries are so small, fairness in life and all.....I'm just sayin (love the garden!)

Kris said...

HOLLY!!! Your garden looks fantastic!!!! You are way ahead of me!! Everything looks wonderful and healthy! The berries....there are a zillion varieties of them. You may have gotten one that produces small fruit, or early bearing, or who knows. I would add some perlite to the soil to enhance the draining. It may still take off.
LOVE gardenias. I have them too. One of my favorites. And Gerbera too. Aren't you glad you didn't pull that?!!!
The pool looks awfully inviting!!!
Soon, eh? Will you put a solar cover on to heat it up faster?
XO Kris

Willow said...

Oh HOLLY , a garden growing, warm weather and about to partake in a pool swim ...sure rub it in. The water in the bird bath was frozen solid this morn . Can you tell Spring it is sorely need in New England. Glad for you though, really I am :)

RoeH said...

Well number one, you can't have too many potatoes. They are just too good. (Grew up on a spud farm in Idaho.) Number two, I had no idea what a sweet potato vine was until one started growing out front. Now I love it and think I just might put one in a big planter I really love your garden. Next time I'm on the West side, I'm stopping in to have a look-see.

Anonymous said...

beautiful garden holly!The strawberries may give more next time,
I can't believe its that warm and you haven't been in that pool, the temps rarely hit over 65 or 70 here in the heart of summer, our kids always made a competition of who went in the lake first, we joked they had to cut a hole in the ice first!!!I say go for it!!!
Oh and Garry said a few bugs in the salad is protein!

Lisa Tucker said...

Love the garden and the pool...:) Inspired me over here to get busy!

Jon said...

What are you going to do with a fake duck? I don't get it. I'm special...remember? Don't hate me. I'll eat your strawberriettes.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Great garden! It looks like you have a green thumb. The strawberry plant's leaves look healthy. Maybe it is some kind of a tiny Alpine strawberry plant.

Linda said...

Your garden looks wonderful...everything looks so healthy! Our strawberries are tiny too...but in all fairness...they are wild...or the birds planted them...maybe one of my garden gnomes...so I pick some and give the rest back to the birds! Have a great evening!!

life in red shoes said...


P.S. the garden looks great :)

And you have a pool!

RobynFromSimplyme said...

That lettuce looks delicious! Eh, whats a few bugs between the croutons really? Those daisy are BEAUTIFUL and your pool? Looks heavenly! Enjoy it! :)

Whosyergurl said...

Gardinias? Oh, swoon. I always heard strawberries don't really produce until the second year.

Your home is so lovely.

31 here in southern IN tonight.
xo, Cheryl