Friday, January 20, 2012

Right Now

Please forgive me for the random pictures.
I'm still figuring out my camera situation.

Right now I’m loving... the smell of my pineapple cilantro candle.
Sounds strange but oh so good.

Right now I’m reading...Dawn on a Distant Shore by Sara Donati.
Loved the first one in her series too!

Right now I’m waiting for... the sun to come up
so I can start cleaning the carpet in the guest bedroom.

Right now I’m excited about...
 Heading out to look for lamps at the thrift store.

Right now I’m missing...
my mom, as always.

Right now I’m trying... to stop drinking so much coffee
so I don’t have to pee so often.

Right now I’m enjoying... watching reruns of
“The New Adventures of Old Christine”. I just love her!

Right now I’m snacking on...
an apple with reduced fat peanut butter slathered all over it.

Right now I’m using... Exuviance liquid foundation from Ulta.
The Bare Minerals were just too drying for my oldish skin. 
It's very light but gives me the coverage that I need.

Right now I’m wearing... A long sleeve thin gray t-shirt
with a sweatshirt over it,my snowman pajama bottoms
 and moccasins. Yup, I’m a hot mess.

Right now I’m planning...what to do when my sister gets here
 from Florida in March! Woo Hoo!!

Right now I’m needing... a new bra.
You know how I hate bra shopping too!

Right now I’m learning... that sarcasm is not cute.
Not that I could stop it even if I wanted to.

Right now I’m listening to...
Good Morning Arizona in the background. So much violence.

Right now I’m wishing...
I were losing weight more quickly.

Right now I’m praying Dad’s health.
He’s dealing with quite a bit of pain right now.

Right now I’m dreaming of...
going on another Alaskan cruise. It’s been too long!

What are you doing right now?



just call me jo said...

Look at you all inspirational and stuff. What do you mean sarcasm isn't attractive?? Shit! I though I was so cute when I was sarcastic. hahaha!! "Who the heck cares?" might be my new motto! Right now I'm sitting in pjs and reading you...

Bethany said...

Trying to poke my underwire back in my bra. I didn't notice it earlier and now I'm getting stabbed in the hoo-has. I guess I need new bras too.

Anonymous said...

oh Holly what a wonderful post, its just wonderful to have such a personal and up front view of your life!
Speaking up front, new bra, ahhhem, did you actually do the deed, get umm, new girls I mean, like you said you were,
I have never been to Alaska, its way way below zero here today, tahst cold enough for me, the lake froze over completely last night for the first time this year, your apple sound svery yummy and that sounds like a good book, I went first and googled it, if its on audio I will get it, have a great week holly,

Anonymous said...

oh I forgot to say we will keep your Dad in our prayers, have a great visit with your sister and wow, your mum sure was a hottie!!!
I remember you showed us photos before too, wow, she's a beauty, just like you!
Don't lose to much of you too wieght watchers, I like you just as you are, lol

Kris said...

Right now, I am enjoying your blog post! I just had to go buy new bras...egads...not my fav! Love those pics....and I right now, I am wishing I were doing Weight Watchers too!!!!
PS Prayers for your Daddy too!!!

Ashley said...

I am definitely not sitting at my desk at work reading blogs instead of working. Nope not me. Who doesn't hate bra shopping. I have to try on 15 to find one that will work. I am picky and the ladies have to look a certain way in my clothes. All time favorite is Victoria Secret...which I will buy 1 to last 3 years! Ha!

Anonymous said...

It's 11:16am and I still have on my black jammie pants and grey huge shirt over the top. Haven't even brushed my teeth yet, but have found that the more coffee I drink, it disolves the 'fur'.

Your day sounds WAY more exciting than mine, tho. A trip to buy yet MORE food at the store and perhaps a hike later....if the 'blinkin' wind would stop!

I love how you love your parents. Tell Dad we're all thinking about him.

Warm hugs,

Linda said...

Right now I'm commenting on your wonderful post!! Right now I had better get to sewing!! Have a great day!!

Ann said...

I'm on Weight Watchers too -- just started my second week. Waiting to see some giant change on the scale but only 1 lb so far. Good luck!


Right now I'm wondering WHAT a pineapple cilantro candle smells like? I think I would like to take a whiff. If you go to Alaska on a cruise, would you please post pictures. I have to live vicariously through you 'cause I'm NOT going on one. Prayers for your dad. take care.

Tabitha said...

Right now I'm slumped on the sofa, trying to wake up, and keeping your Dad in my thoughts.

Whosyergurl said...

Right now? Sitting in my pajamas even though it is almost 5:30 PM and I haven't brushed my teeth-EW. Prayers for your Daddy. He is a cutie.
I buy all of my bras at Kohl's ON SALE.
Do you know that a lot of people think that Julia Louis and I look a lot alike? And ACT alike? Look at some old Seinfeld shows.
I love sarcasm. Sorry, I do. And am the queen of.
xo, Cheryl

Amy said...

Right now I am enjoying your post, trying not to be bored, and thankful I did my bra shopping several weeks ago. I found a wonderful bra at VS that does not have an underwire but all of the support of one and does not leave me with dents and red marks everywhere.

lifeinredshoes said...

Right now I am writing to you, ignoring the dinner dishes, the basket of laundry that needs to go upstairs and be put away, trying to figure out my new kindle fire, reading Prayers For Sale, and doing my level best to ignore the tightness in my pants.

And I'm sorry, but sarcasm runs through my veins....that and ice water ;)

Barb said...

What a cute and funny post - I'm new to your blog and so glad I found it. I'm your newest follower. :)

Melynda said...

Love these "right now" posts, it is kind of like we are having coffee together, except without the coffee and being several states apart.....but hey how are ya girl?

Pat MacKenzie said...

Hi Holly. I love this kind of post. I won't tell you what I'm wearing right now because I just crawled out of bed, took off my jammies and headed for the shower but got waylaid by the computer! Yuck.

Going on an Alaskan cruise is on my bucket list. Someday.

To answer your question, yes, I did get to Crop Girls - a couple times in fact. I love it there. Maybe I'll meet you there one day. I'll be in AZ most of February.

Speedy Lady said...

You make me smile!

Right now, I'm watching the clock, wishing the minutes would tick away faster so I can leave work, @4P.

Sorry about your dad. I will say a prayer for you and him.

Take care!