Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hating Blogger And Sausages

If you use Blogger, I can't see you.
I can see you in my Google Reader.
And I can read you in my Google Reader.
But I can't open your post.
And I can't comment.

And you know I have Oh So Much to say to you!

And Blogger is making me log in every two or three minutes.
There are very few things that I hate more than logging in.
Vienna sausages are one of those things.
Getting into a cold bed is another.
But this isn't about cold beds.
This is about my right to stay logged in
and to read your posts.
And to comment.
And a little about sausages.

But mostly about Blogger.
Should I switch to Wordpress?
I'm askeered.

I used to get on my Google Reader
every morning and see about 10 new posts.
This morning it said there were 257 unread posts.
I don't follow any of those people either.
No idea where they came from.

Is anyone else having these problems?

Please know that I am reading you.
But without being able to comment,
I feel like a Peeping Thomasina.

Somebody do something!



Anonymous said...

I have that login constantly problem, I have no idea but I had to cut back on my blogging, I still post but I don't read as many as I did, I also have trouble commenting on some, I hit the comment button and nothing happens,I hate that this is happening to you and to me, I don't know the answers though, I can't read some blogs becauise the writing is too light, some thewriting is too small, my husband has been great to help but I can only ask so much of him, my blogging days are numbered, oh ya, don't eat those sausages, blak!

Comeca Jones said...

You must switch to Google chrome problem solved.

RoeH said...

I have Google chrome in my computer's little guts but I have no idea what it's supposed to do. I've had so many other problems with this FREE (I'm supposed to be thankful for that) blogger. Just cause it's free doesn't make me any happier with it goes balistic.

Linda said...

I have heard about a lot of problems lately...I don't know why this is happening. Someone told me to switch my comments to a pop up box...which I did...but I am also having trouble commenting on blogs...crazy!!By the way...I am on Google I don't think it's that!

Anonymous said...'s not just me.

I have 'issues' with Blogger, too, but not as many as you. Except that I have to log in A LOT.

Google Chrome. I'm 'skeered' of it wants to take over your computer. So I haven't done it because, like I said, I'm skeered.

So until somebody comes to my house, installs Google Chrome, and it doesn't crash my laptop....I'll be sticking with what I have now. Windows Internet Explorer.

'cuz I'm skeered to do anything else.

Ann said...

I'm using Google Chrome (and no, it didn't take over my laptop) and have no problems reading or commenting or staying logged in. Good luck.

Genn said...

I hear ya.
I've been having tons of trouble commenting too.
I click on the comments and then the screen goes white. SO then I try again. White screen. And again. ANd again.
I am sick of it!!!!!!!
Somebody doooo something. ;)

just call me jo said...

I think it's the SOPA/PIPA residue from yesterday or something. (You know I have no idea.) I'm sorry that you can't comment on my blog cuz you are one of my only and favoritest commenterers. I have no idea about those other bloggy sites or Chromey things or anything. I'm picking up grand twins tomorrow so that should shoot my week end. Daughter doesn't talk to me any more unless she wants something. Oh, joy!

just call me jo said...

Oh, and those sausages--they are just obscene looking. My eyes! My eyes! I turn away!

Kris said...

I have not had trouble but I know plenty who are!! Crazy!! Hooe they fix it soon!!! Cuz we miss hearing what you have to say!

Ashley said...

I've had that problem on the commenting and had to log in after I had just logged in before. I have no idea how it got fixed. Maybe its a problem with the cookies or browsing history?? I miss seeing your comments because I always laugh!

Betsy said...

I was having a problem commenting--I would just get a white screen. Based on what others were saying, I downloaded Google Chrome and since then I've been able to comment again. What a mess!


Jane Doe said...

Ha! I just wrote a blog this morning about how much Blogger hates me. It's somewhat comforting to know that Blogger hates you just as much as it hates me!

Bethany said...

Blogger recently set it up so you could reply to the comments people leave you directly in the comment section. Your comment section has to be below your post for this to happen (I think it's embedded -- not the pop up kind). BUT when I go to those blogs by clicking on the post title I get nothing but a hot frozen mess. If I go directly to the main blog page and not a specific post I don't have any problems. I think their new comment/reply section is messing things up....

Laraine Eddington said...

Seriously...admit it You have turned into a Vienna sausage snacking stalker

marie said...

i have this same problem. ALL THE TIME. as i type this, i'm not convinced it will even post...i try once and if it doesn't... i'm not signing in 45 time to try so i give up.