Thursday, March 4, 2010

And the race is on.........

Ok, so I'm sitting out on the patio having my coffee and wondering what I'll do today.  Then I step inside and it becomes terribly clear.  Now, if your looking for a blog of the perfect home...stop here, get out, hurry before I put you to work!  Where to start?

Maybe I should start with mopping the floor. 
This is "Lil Sh*t".  DO NOT blame me. 
My sweet, silly, red-neck husband named her.

Or I could make the bed:

Easier said than done.  That would be Choo-Choo.
If I kick her off the bed she ignores me all day.

Then there's always the laundry:

Or unloading the dishwasher:

Or taking out the trash and recycle:

I know you came here just to see how "real my life is".  Scary isn't it?

Ok, so I guess I'll get back to work.  No before or after pictures coming.  The after doesn't look much better than before sometimes.

One more thing, here is me trying to figure out what to blog about.  This one's for you Meme!

Have a great day everyone and remember...

Live Out Loud!



Screaming Meme said...

Hahahaha! I love it...Little Sh*t is so cute! You are living my life! :) I am so glad I met you! Meme

PS~ ChooChoo is adorable as well!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Roo, so happy to meet you. Nice to know I have a neighbor. I just cracked up at your post today, that's how real life is around here too. I try to take pics of everything all picked up and clean and that always lasts about 10 minutes. lol If you saw my previous post before today then you saw my dining table a HUGE mess. Hope your day is going well. Stay in touch. There are a lot of us PHX. bloggers around and we are planning on having another lunch in about a month. I am not planning it, but I will post about it when the arrangements are made and you would have a great time meeting everyone. There's a bunch of really neat ladies. Hope your day is going good. Hugs, Marty

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I say enjoy that patio....those chores can wait ((hugs)) Susie

Angie said...

I always have plenty to do too, but would rather do decorating projects or blog!