Thursday, June 14, 2012

Text Maniac

My relationship with my daughter has changed
since getting my iPhone, I'm a bit of a text maniac.

Yet I can still share my motherly pearls of wisdom with her.

I thought I'd start showing you some of the interesting text
messages that pass between us.

This one occured after she injured her back.

My texts are the ones in blue.



RoeH said...

Texting! I can type and I can type well. But with texting? I can pick up the phone and even dial with a rotary dial if I hat one the long distance number and have a conversation before I can get the damn text typed out on my phone. Well - that is if ONLY the other end of the conversation would PICK UP THE PHONE AND ANSWER IT. Sadly, neither of my college educated children and their spouses
know how to use them thar' telephone contraptions. :)

Melynda said...

I love texting, however I don't have an iphone or a smart phone, so I do it the old fashion way, one letter at a time,,,,tap tap tap tap. But my darn fingers are so big that sometimes I invent new words, I'm smart that way!

Anonymous said...

what did we do without these new devices, I have never texted, they are not for the visually impaired, ha ha, too small!!!

Kris said...

I rarely actually "SPEAK" with my family anymore. I love it, and I hate it!!!
Thinking of you.
XO Kris

~Niki~ said...

oh these are gonna be some good posts! I love reading texts. Unfortunately, I'm a geezer, an old one. My cell phone is 3 years old and it's a slide. no touch screen :(
sometime...I will get one. sometime soon. stay cool, my friend.

Genn said...


Way to teach her about hardwork and perseverance Holly! :)

You've been on my mind. Hope you are doing ok.

ps- iphones really are amazing! and me too, mine hardly leaves my hand!

Anonymous said...

lol that is too funny.

deb said...

LOLOL....I tell ya I test a lot with my girls and that dang spellcheck gets me everytime!!! once I meant to say awwwwwww and it came out asses.....nice...real nice!

Linda said...

You're too funny!!

Laraine Eddington said...

How did I miss this? Your texts are sermons to live by and I'm sure your daughter will be extremely grateful. Either that or get a new phone number

Whosyergurl said...

Oh what a crazy Mama you are! Way to go, making her look it up for herself! xo, Cheryl

Robyn said...

LOL love this text between you and your daughter.. You're such a good mom.. As for texting.. I avoided it as much as I could and finally I gave in and got myself a smart phone in the beginning of the year because my nieces and nephews were always complaining they couldn't text me.. now it's gotten where everyone texts, I have to shut my sound off on my phone at night and I wonder if the art of talk is going to be lost as the the art of letter writing has been lost..

Kelly said...

Ok, when are you going to write something again. You are too talented, funny, wise and entertaining....I miss reading about your life. Will you post something? Your loving sister.

Anonymous said...

I've do texting with my deaf sons it's a most in our world with them -- but I am not saying I like to do it - just say it's a need and I am grateful for it..VERY!
I enjoyed your post today - fun being a mommy - you can tell them to go look it up our find out themself ( when you might not know the answer any way) giggle..
Hugs - from a new move your lovely Az..

Erika Diane said...

Hi Holly!

I'm blogging again :)



jennyfer black said...

I'm not fond of texting. Why text if you can call? Right? I only text when needed. I'm lazy with it.

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Robyn said...

Holly where are you? You're missed!