Monday, May 21, 2012

Please Just Try To Keep Up

It's been too long since I've updated that
I now require you all to follow me
into the world of randomness.

Had a dream last night that I had overslept
and was going to be late for my book signing.
Because, apparently, I am an author.

Also in this dream, I had termites in my hair.
Big fat white termites.
They looked like squishy Tic Tacs.

But that's neither here nor there.

When Brian went to leave this morning for work,
he called me into the garage.
It was raining in there.

A hose had burst in the water heater
and the force of the water made a big ol hole
in the ceiling and soaked everything.

 Don't you just love a pretty picture?

Everything in the attic is pretty wet
and it soaked through the wall
so the carpet in the guest bedroom is wet.

Before I allowed Brian to shut off the water
I jumped into a cold 2 minute shower
to wash the termites out of my hair.
Let's move on.

Brian and I have put ourselves
on a pretty strict budget.

We are in the process of getting ready to house hunt.
And moving is EXPENSIVE.

We are a cash only household now.
Except for using the debit card to pay bills online.
Using only cash is scary.
But it is working.

I don't go out as often as I used to.
I make one trip to the grocery once a week.
That's about it.
It's amazing what you can save
if you never leave the house.

And since we are cash only,
I can't shop on line.
Unless I get one of these on my computer.

My sister and brother-in-law came
for a short visit last weekend.
Again, I took ZERO pictures
but they look like this.

My brother in law is quite handsome.
And smart.
And handsome, did I mention that?

My sweet daughter, Kate,
took me out for a Mother's Day lunch
last week and brought me these.

Aren't they beautiful?
Just like her.

Have a Great Week!!



RoeH said...

You're lucky. I got zip for mother's day. On the plus side, Daughter paid for my last trip to DC and then gave me 500 dollars that was left in the donation account for my dad and technically what was left was what she put in. And then Son bought me a new laptop through his work in Cincinnati and I'll be picking it up when I go there next Sat. Which all of this says in the end --- ya' gotta pick your battles. But would it have killed them to send a 99 cent card? :)))

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Now I knew water heaters could leak but I had no idea they could leak up. What a bummer.

Genn said...

Hi Holly,

so sorry about the water leak!!! That is always such a disappointing discovery. Hope it isn't too much trouble getting it all fixed.

House Hunting? Sounds fun! We've been hunting a little, but without the possibilities of actually buying. Not ready for a couple more years, but looking is such fun. And yes, EXPENSIVE. Good for you being so strict with your budget. I cracked up at that pic of the dollar going into the soda machine! I can only imagine those on the computers of the future! lol.

Thanks for the birthday wishes Holly!!!!!!!

Tresa said...

It's always nice finding a new post from you. :) Sorry about your mess in the garage. Good luck with the house hunting!

Anonymous said...

thats rotten luck about the water heater and the termites in the hair is worse, even if it was a dream it has made me itch all over, Such lovely flowers from the daughter, I was wondering how the quail are doing, any more babies.I had a virus attack while visiting a blog the other day, I have started a new blog, not sure how long I will even do it.The last experience was so nasty I'm not sure I feel very comfortable yet.It attacked us and we had Norton, nothing is helpfu;l I guess for some things, I hope you might find me again,

Laraine Eddington said...

Squishy tic tacs? You're scarier than Stephen King. It is nice to hear from you, girl!

just call me jo said...

Well, darn about the water heater. I hate when that happens. I'll buy lunch when/if we go. I have sr-citizen discount you know!! I've tried that stay home and not spend stuff. It works for a while and then I get crazy and go bezeerk (however you spell it.) I could never go anywhere and still be broke. Good luck with the house looking. I hope you find one that you love. Do tell about lunch, dearie.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Sorry to hear about the water heater mess, that's just something no one needs to deal with! Kudos on the cash only lifestyle, it doesn't take long to adjust (maybe a little planning though:@).

lifeinredshoes said...

I revel in randomness!
Bugs in the hair, no way.
Author? I can see that!
Water heater, DAMMIT!
Cash only, don't know if I could do it?

Linda said...

Wow...the water heater leaked up...crazy!! A number of years ago Don and I were trying to save to pay everything off before my job ended...we found that writing everything down helped us to see where our money really went...and change worked and now that he's retired we are amazed at how much we DON'T spend!! Have a great day!!

Kris said...

Wow...what a big fat bummer!!! Water leaks are the pits!!! I hope it is an easy enough fix for you.
And I am glad you got those termites out of your hair. Ick!!!
I am so excited for you!!! House hunting!!! Come to Corona!!!!! Please!!!!
I miss ya,

Amy said...

Termites in the hair...ick. I love those strange dreams.

I am working on being a cash only house. I am finding that the joy of having cash money in my wallet makes it harder to part with.

Good luck with the house hunting.


sorry about that water leak. it's a bummer when carpet is involved. and ceilings. Gets costly I know. Good luck fixing it. cash only is a tight spot to be in, we're there too. Hang in there. I'm glad you got rid of the termites. maybe the book signing will help the cashflow. you could charge for your autograph.

deb said...

LOVE those daisys!!!!!! HEy have you ever been to I save so much money going to her site....

Pat MacKenzie said...

Your dreams were better than reality. I hate it when the house acts up and gives you a nasty surprise. Have a good weekend regardless.

Whosyergurl said...

A new house? How exciting!
xo, me