Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Job Well Done

If you remember correctly, we closed off our doggie door so the cat couldn't get out.
She is naughty when she's out.
Dead bunny?
I won't show you the picture again.
You're welcome.
Anyway, she did happen to get out yesterday.
For five minutes.
And she brought me this.

I scooped up the precious little thing and ran outside to try to find the Mama.
Nowhere to be seen.
So I carried it around with me, knowing that Mama would return shortly.
Our yard is filled with quail all summer long.
After about half an hour, I finally let it go all by its lonesome in the backyard.
And about an hour later, I heard CarrotTop.

CarrotTop is a noisy feller.
He is the caller.
He sits on the roof of the house next door and watches our backyard.
When he saw the little chick yesterday morning,
he started calling out like crazy and within a few minutes,
I had Mama quail everywhere. 
I think they all wanted to claim little Aloysius.
That's his name.
He told me.
And here's the lucky lady that claimed him.

You can't see Aloysius because he was too little to climb up onto the concrete.
Nice job CarrotTop!



Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh they are so cute. We have a real hunter and it was especially bad when our old neighbors behind us used to feed the birds.

ain't for city gals said...

It takes a village !!!...

Anonymous said...

I love a happy ending.
And his name.
And you...for being so caring.

Warm feathery hugs....

Anonymous said...

thank goodness for Carrot top,, i have to admitt i thought it was a chipmunk at first,, I've never saw these before,, you know that would make a great childrens story and you would be the one to write it,, just sayin,,, is all,,

Whosyergurl said...

I swear I had baby chicks that looked like baby quail! Glad Mama found the baby unharmed!
xo, Cheryl

Tabitha said...

Yay! I'm so glad the little guy found his momma! And that your kitty was nicer to this one than he was to the bunny. :-)

Dina said...

Oh my so cute! Last night we were outside watering the flowers and noticed something swimming in the garden was a chipmunk that was stuck. Poor thing was coughing. Got a stick and helped it out. Last we saw, after it recovered for a few minutes, it trotted off under the fence. Maybe if we are lucky it will tell all its other chipmunk friends that we are nice and to stop playing around and overtaking our yard.

Mikalah said...

Oh my goodness. that has to be the cutest little baby bird I have ever seen! soooo precious.

life in red shoes said...

That is very sweet, we have yet to see any babies:(

Amy said...

Very cute. My parents used to have a lot of quail in their yard until a few more houses went up in the neighborhood. Now they are gone. It is sad not to see them wandering around the yard.

Kelly said...

Bill says you spell it Alowishus. That's his Catholic name Just thought you'd want to know.

Debi said...

I wasn't certain how this story was going to turn out. I like this happy ending. Bless their little hearts. Deb

corners of my life said...

I just love your stories. I sometimes even jump out of my "blog checking sequence" and go right to Hoosier