Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Here's the thing.......

I miss Indiana like you wouldn't believe. It's been almost 7 years since I've been back and that's just way too long. If you've never been to Arizona or Indiana, let me give you a brief synopsis as to the differences. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Here is a pic of our house in Arizona, I would show you more examples of homes here but in truth, they all look the same. They are all tan stucco with tile roofs. Some are bigger and some are smaller but with very few variations, they all look just like this:

Please note the beautiful rock in the yard, everyone has rock. Grass doesn't grow here, okay, maybe it does but it's few and far between. Everyone has tall block walls separating their back yards from their neighbor's yards.

Here is Indiana:
You will notice that the houses do not all look alike. So much more character.

This was my Great Grandmothers house


Notice, no big block walls, people got to see their neighbors. Now, people just pull into their garages, close the door and don't get out to see neighbors.
Here's another strange thing about Arizona. When my kids were younger we lived in a nice little neighborhood, in the suburbs of Phoenix. A new family moved in next door and so the kids and I baked muffins and went next door to welcome them to the neighborhood. A woman came to the door and opened it just a crack. I told her who we were and that we just wanted to welcome her and had baked her some blueberry muffins. She looked at the three of us as if were crazy and said "No thank you" and closed the door. For crying out loud, that's what people do, they make others feel at home, welcome. At least we did in Indiana. I never did see that neighbor again.

Anyway,  I will get off the Indiana kick for a minute.  There are actually some things I do love about where I'm currently living.  We are within 1 mile of the largest retirement community in the US.  Sun City Arizona.  So, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday we have several estate sales to choose from.  Here are a couple of things I've recently picked up.


This is a "Castle on the Lake" creamer, picked up for 50 cents.  Too cute.
Found these old dirty antique alarm clocks in a cardboard box.  Got all of them for $5.  A couple of Big Bens and a couple of Baby Bens.
These three nesting tables were found at a local thrift shop for $5.  A little short for the lamp so I stacked some books underneath it.  Does it look ok to you?  Please don't look at the wrinkles in my curtain panels.  I've had the lamp but it had come with a Tiffany type shade which I didn't care for.  Found this shade at a yard sale for 50 cents.
Cute little vintage half apron.  Don't you just love aprons?  I do.

'Spose thats gonna do it for today.  Thanks for letting me share my little goodies with you all.
Live out Loud!


Lisa said...

I LOVE your family home- so inviting and charming. My home is similar, but only 21 years old.
My daughter and fam were living in Mesa the past year so we went to visit a couple times- I know what you mean about the sameness...
And I'm from South Carolina, land of many trees and many waters and that desert is so....deserted! But this last trip I drove through a neighborhood that was an orange grove. It was gorgeous. Green grass, large trees, ....okay, million dollar homes...but bunnies everywhere hopping around and flowers and gorgeous landscaping. It was a cool night with a gentle breeze and I was hooked. That neighborhood alone would get me back for a visit!
I've decided that God has created this beautiful earth and that area is no exception. I'm sure it's beautiful to those for whom it is home. Maybe all my southern trees and moss are suffocating to them!
Now I live in Utah- still a desert, but thick, green, barefootin' grass and trees and spectacular mountains~
There's no place like home..and I've got two of them in my heart!
Thanks for the visit!
PS. I'd love some muffins....~

Lisa said...

PPS. The fact that you have 2 to 3 estate sales every week made me laugh out loud! It's a little creepy,but funny, too! Their stuff has to go somewhere, why not to you?!